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It’s been a very very long time… so let me apologize for not posting anything for a while.  I have had some major changes, physically and emotionally and I frankly didn’t have the “heart” in it to write, err typing something when all I wanted to do was crawl under my preverbal rock and hide.  I was finding I was starting to have a “love-hate” relationship with my job and I was feeling pretty miserable about the entire idea of “working” in my industry.

It’s sad how someone and a particular environment can make you spin into a spiral of wicked bad emotions isn’t it? Okay, maybe it’s just me that gets like that? Hmm…. anyways, I was working at a place in Eastern Vancouver and I even though it was better than the “mall” (when I was threading at the local mall at the KIOSK–YUCK-YUCK-YUCK!!) it soon became obvious that promises and actions behind said promises were entirely two different animals with this owner and my boss.  I spent nearly 3 years working with and around this person and I found that I was discouraged more and picked apart nearly daily and I still have a hard time understanding WHY she wanted to be so down on me.  I suppose I was willing to hear it… and not fight.  I don’t want conflict and I chose to just try and do my job I was there to do and leave… however, often the passive aggressive stance she had made it difficult and mentally and emotionally challenging.

For a while I found myself being very discouraged with my profession and actually feeling like I hated my job.  What I have learned was and is that I didn’t and I do not hate my job… what I do dislike and have major issues with is being treated like I am a 3rd rate citizen and I am worthless and below standard.  Being picked apart and told how I need to change ME daily can definitely mess with your inner self!

I was contacted by a friend in the esthetics industry, she was and is doing very well in downtown Vancouver.  She was enlarging her business and wanted to see if i was interested in working with her.  I was a bit leery, but, thought I would give it a look see and try.  That was back in later 2014 and I found myself feeling encouraged and excited again!  I was only working a few days a week initially and it felt good coming to her shop.  It was a place I felt myself growing and feeling my  inner confidence coming out and I was getting strong again.  I was starting to love my work again.

After feeling unappreciated and finding that “my job” was secretly being advertised in the local Craigslist I felt it was time to leave the salon I was currently working at and within… I made plans and left in late December.  I did however, give my 2 weeks notice only to find that I was not welcome after that shift.  I have to be honest with you… I would have been shocked had she allowed me to remain my final 2 weeks!  by the time I left that day she had wiped my details from the companies web page and schedule.  Took away all my privileges and abilities away… I suppose she thought I’d “steal” my clients information.  I guess she didn’t think I’d save that stuff before I left? I didn’t steel anything… I thread and unless she currently has or had someone… these people would be following me… regardless of how she felt.  I did however, choose not to take any clients that we shared… I figured if they wanted my services again, they were smart and they’d do a search for “Threading” and would eventually find me… there’s only this shop I currently am at and the local Mall offering threading currently in Vancouver.  The thing is when I left, I did my best to remain civil, yet, this person was angry and chose to tell me how I’d never amount to anything and how worthless I am. I did my best to hold myself high and walk out of there with some pride.  By the end of January I was finally on my new path and had pretty much shaken the past few years and the issues that came from that place I had been in.  I started to realize how happy I was to come to work again… I enjoy seeing my clients and I like being here.  It’s definitely a good place for me emotionally for my working world!

SO… in case you don’t already know, I am now located in Downtown Vancouver, at a cute shop called:
Beauty by Tara Lee
1703 Broadway, Vancouver

We are open Monday-Saturdays, usually opening by 10 a.m. daily, our Saturdays differ depending on the Saturday. And we are usually here until 7 p.m. on the weeknights!  The parking is good and we do accept walk-ins, although I do encourage you to make an appointment, we seem to fill up pretty quick!

You can tho to:

We offer online scheduling, you can see when both myself (Jamie) and Tara are available and book with us, you can also text or call us!  We make it really easy to make your appointment with us.

We are currently offering:


The costs are very competitive and we currently offer packages for some of our threading and waxing services.  If you create an account via the web page and LIKE us on Facebook… there are also specials that are announced and you are made aware of any of the deals and discounts that will often arise weekly and monthly depending on the season and service.

This is a great place and I hope you’ll take time to drop in and say HI and try out one of our great services!
You won’t be disappointed!!

be your own kind of beautiful

Just a tidbit I wanted to share… er brag about!

As most are aware I currently work at a salon in Vancouver, Washington… On the Fringe Hair Studio…

I am also taking on the new adventure of offering mobile services for my rural clients I was servicing at a local salon for the past 2 and a half years in Woodland. I recently severed ties with them and have chosen to try the mobile service, for a chance to offer a great experience to my current clients as well as new clientele too!

If you are unsure of ME and my abilities, I would like to share just one of the many great reviews I have received over the past few years from current and past clients that have seen me in one of the locations I was working within.

This particular client is newer and she is seeing me at the Vancouver salon, but, it will give you a great window to an experience with me!

Thanks for reading and I hope to be hearing from you!
(the below link is to a local blogger that is also a new client)



Pfb Vanish Chromabright

I get asked about this often.. this sounds like a really great product!
If anyone is suffering from:

Ingrown Hairs

this could be your answer… if you do use it… please let me know what you think… this post has some great information and details…

Pfb Vanish Chromabright.

Happy GIRL…. giving back some shout outs!

Dribble-Drabble for March 16, 2012

First, I want to give a shout out: Today, 9 years ago I gave birth to my amazing, beautiful, miracle… my daughter Sierra Rose…  I love you so very much and I am so extremely happy and proud to be your mommy!!

Okay… today was a great day and I am giving shout outs… I was busy in the middle of my day at work… in the mall threading eyebrows and facial hairs on a LOT of people today… was a very busy – steady day, which I LOVE! Makes my days quick and that is something that definitely makes a happy Jamie! 🙂

A client, new came to me today, she sat in my chair.  We started with the introductions, finding out this was indeed her first time threading, she explained she was new to the area and had a recent bad experience with someone that waxed her badly.  She had been told about threading and was curious, so she went to her computer and did some research.  Saying she “Google’d” threading and found a web site, which gave her details.  She went on to explain that she found that the blog she was using, in fact said that she could get threading done at this mall, and the girl that created said blog worked at this location and also had a shop in Woodland.  My heart leapt with happiness and excitement!!! I was BEYOND THRILLED!!! I smiled so happily and introduced myself as “the girl that was the creator of said blog”. I was so excited and happy that someone really utilized the blog and found it useful and I actually met someone that found it online!!  I told her so and I hope she does realize this fact! I truly wanted and hoped I could meet someone that would find it useful and then follow through with finding me or someone that they could trust and enjoy a new technique as she did.

Of course I was excited and beyond speechless… but I had a job to do… and I was a tiny bit freaked out that with my luck… (LOL) I would muck something up! But, with the gracefulness I had in me I managed to do a great job for her… and she seemed quite pleased and happy with the experience with the finished results!

So I am not publishing her name… Privacy reasons.  BUT, if you happen to stumble upon this post in my blog… thank you from the bottom of my heart!  You are exactly why I wanted and felt passionate about creating this blog/web site.  I wanted and had hoped it would follow through and have a chain effect so to speak… and it did.  I am thrilled!!!

The rest of my day was also amazing… I had so many happy clients.  In fact one lady… I felt considerable compassion for and a little upset that she was lied to… she had visited us prior and apparently at this visit the person that did the threading job on her cut/ripped her eyelid areas badly.  In stead of apologizing and explaining why this could have happened… she was lied to and told it was the threads fault.  Let me tell you this up front… regardless of said thread… if you are aware of a few small things you can prevent what happened this this client.  We were a bit slower, I had her hold her skin a bit tighter and we moved a bit more along the brow line with her hands/fingers to make sure and prevent her skin from being damaged.  Even if your skin is lacking elasticity (and sadly, this will happen to ALL of us as we age, just depends on how well we take care of our skin… depends on how much strength your skin maintains) she was surprised how easy we managed to get through this task and she also commented that she was extremely pleased, happy with the fact that I was honest and explained why this could have happened to her.  She walked away with freshly threaded, clean and injury free when all was said and done.

Then towards the end of my shift… I was inundated with people that only wanted me… in fact I had a small waiting list for people just wanting me… what an EGO boost to my head!!! LOL!!! I does a girl happy to know I can make so many people happy and that they want to work with me… and feel confident and trust in my abilities.  I want to always give 110% to every single person that sits in my chair and I hope I continue to always make happy clients/customers!

Thank you to everyone that made my Friday so special… all my clients that came back just for me… and even the ones that refused to remain for the other lady (which is also VERY good)…


THANK YOU each and every person that takes the time to ready my blog… I truly appreciate every one of you… and I hope I can continue to aspire to do better and keep making you all happy with my abilities and my blog as well!!

Happy Friday!!

Work tomorrow until 2:30, then to my daughters big 9th birthday bash!!!

The places I practice what I love to do!!

I am currently working two jobs using my license as an Esthetician…

I am now practicing my Threading & other amazing skincare services at:

On the Fringe Hair & Day Spa
316 SE 123rd Ave. Suite #D-3
Vancouver, WA  

I am taking both walk-in and Appointments! 

Also offering: 
Facials, Chemical Peels, Back Treatments, Brow & Lash Tinting and full line of waxing services!

Yes that’s right folks!!! You NO longer have to sit in the middle of the mall being watched by all that pass below and above to see you being threaded!!! You can come see me at the above locations and I can assist you with all your hair removal needs!!

The prices are similar to those in the Mall and you can make an appointment and have the privacy of being inside a salon and within my room I practice my Esthetics in.
I look forward to assisting you and seeing you soon!

We have ample parking and it’s very easy to find. Just take the Mill Plain exit off 205, heading east (towards 164th) just past the 2nd Starbucks that’s located on the right (if heading east) there’s a large Plaza, with several restaurants and businesses, we’re located within this Plaza!!


What I try to make my clients see and understand is that this is my profession, this is what I love and what I enjoy doing.  I find happiness in this… and I know this art and technique I offer is unique, and it’s a product.  I DO NOT wish for MY product to be on your face as a mistake! I want you walking around with beautiful brows and a well threaded facial feature that I helped produce.  So please give me the time and allow me to give you the enhancement you deserve!

What was that?

This is just a quick post to ask you… since you are taking time out of your day to read and pursue my blog (thank you VERY much for that by the way) I want to ask you…

What would you like to know about?

Is what I am providing so far useful? or is it too dry?

I want this blog to not only give me a constructive outlet to show off my abilities, but also inform, give feedback to myself and the world on products, procedures, and give people YOU the working knowledge to be able to go out there and seek the “right” procedure that will make you happiest and give you the gratification you are looking for… with regards to your skin care needs and care.

I will never stop learning and I want you my readers to tell me what you want to learn about, what you have questions about, is there things you wouldn’t ask someone face to face (maybe a bit embarrassing in nature) but it’s something you still have a nagging curiosity about? please feel free to ask me!!!

I am not only a Licensed Esthetician, I am also a certified Medical Assistant, a mother to a nearly 9 year old child, I have a highly inquisitive mind myself and if I want to know something… I’m typically one of those people that will either ask or find the truth/answers for myself.  I am not afraid of delving into the unknown to find details and I will be happy to try and attempt to same for you.

DO not be afraid to ask… the only bad question in my opinion is the one not said.

Someday I want my little blog to “grow up” and I have happy thoughts about it not only giving people a view into what I love and what I do every single day… but I also want it to provide you with the information for what you need answered… find a place in your area, wherever that area might be, possibly give reviews for locations in your area, or IF you like someone in your local area… please let me know and post it in the section for that.  I want this to grow and help you… regardless of what that help may consist of.

I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I am enjoying creating it… and I hope to hear from you! Good or Bad comments are always learned and I do try to improve by even the worse critiques.




Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ~ Confucious

REVIEWS for SPAS, Salons, and Professionals in the business…

I am wanting you to take your time and give me details about your visits to your favorite spots… the best Salons, Spas and the professionals you have come into contact with!

I want to provide these details for anyone to use, and maybe it will help you find a great location and professional that might have otherwise been overlooked without your help.

If you had a bad experience, please feel free to critique, however, please do not be mean.  Just let us know what you thought without bashing and being vulgar.  If there is anything nasty or vulgar I will have to delete your posts, and I truly don’t want to do that.

Please give the information about the professionals, the Spas, the salons and anything else you liked.  The item on the menu you tried and have tired and what you liked about it.  Tell us why you’d definitely go back… and Maybe something you would like to try when you DO go back the next time! I would like to give shout outs to the great professionals and I hope this page will one day do this as well!

Thanks for taking the time!!!