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It’s been a very very long time… so let me apologize for not posting anything for a while.  I have had some major changes, physically and emotionally and I frankly didn’t have the “heart” in it to write, err typing something when all I wanted to do was crawl under my preverbal rock and hide.  I was finding I was starting to have a “love-hate” relationship with my job and I was feeling pretty miserable about the entire idea of “working” in my industry.

It’s sad how someone and a particular environment can make you spin into a spiral of wicked bad emotions isn’t it? Okay, maybe it’s just me that gets like that? Hmm…. anyways, I was working at a place in Eastern Vancouver and I even though it was better than the “mall” (when I was threading at the local mall at the KIOSK–YUCK-YUCK-YUCK!!) it soon became obvious that promises and actions behind said promises were entirely two different animals with this owner and my boss.  I spent nearly 3 years working with and around this person and I found that I was discouraged more and picked apart nearly daily and I still have a hard time understanding WHY she wanted to be so down on me.  I suppose I was willing to hear it… and not fight.  I don’t want conflict and I chose to just try and do my job I was there to do and leave… however, often the passive aggressive stance she had made it difficult and mentally and emotionally challenging.

For a while I found myself being very discouraged with my profession and actually feeling like I hated my job.  What I have learned was and is that I didn’t and I do not hate my job… what I do dislike and have major issues with is being treated like I am a 3rd rate citizen and I am worthless and below standard.  Being picked apart and told how I need to change ME daily can definitely mess with your inner self!

I was contacted by a friend in the esthetics industry, she was and is doing very well in downtown Vancouver.  She was enlarging her business and wanted to see if i was interested in working with her.  I was a bit leery, but, thought I would give it a look see and try.  That was back in later 2014 and I found myself feeling encouraged and excited again!  I was only working a few days a week initially and it felt good coming to her shop.  It was a place I felt myself growing and feeling my  inner confidence coming out and I was getting strong again.  I was starting to love my work again.

After feeling unappreciated and finding that “my job” was secretly being advertised in the local Craigslist I felt it was time to leave the salon I was currently working at and within… I made plans and left in late December.  I did however, give my 2 weeks notice only to find that I was not welcome after that shift.  I have to be honest with you… I would have been shocked had she allowed me to remain my final 2 weeks!  by the time I left that day she had wiped my details from the companies web page and schedule.  Took away all my privileges and abilities away… I suppose she thought I’d “steal” my clients information.  I guess she didn’t think I’d save that stuff before I left? I didn’t steel anything… I thread and unless she currently has or had someone… these people would be following me… regardless of how she felt.  I did however, choose not to take any clients that we shared… I figured if they wanted my services again, they were smart and they’d do a search for “Threading” and would eventually find me… there’s only this shop I currently am at and the local Mall offering threading currently in Vancouver.  The thing is when I left, I did my best to remain civil, yet, this person was angry and chose to tell me how I’d never amount to anything and how worthless I am. I did my best to hold myself high and walk out of there with some pride.  By the end of January I was finally on my new path and had pretty much shaken the past few years and the issues that came from that place I had been in.  I started to realize how happy I was to come to work again… I enjoy seeing my clients and I like being here.  It’s definitely a good place for me emotionally for my working world!

SO… in case you don’t already know, I am now located in Downtown Vancouver, at a cute shop called:
Beauty by Tara Lee
1703 Broadway, Vancouver

We are open Monday-Saturdays, usually opening by 10 a.m. daily, our Saturdays differ depending on the Saturday. And we are usually here until 7 p.m. on the weeknights!  The parking is good and we do accept walk-ins, although I do encourage you to make an appointment, we seem to fill up pretty quick!

You can tho to:

We offer online scheduling, you can see when both myself (Jamie) and Tara are available and book with us, you can also text or call us!  We make it really easy to make your appointment with us.

We are currently offering:


The costs are very competitive and we currently offer packages for some of our threading and waxing services.  If you create an account via the web page and LIKE us on Facebook… there are also specials that are announced and you are made aware of any of the deals and discounts that will often arise weekly and monthly depending on the season and service.

This is a great place and I hope you’ll take time to drop in and say HI and try out one of our great services!
You won’t be disappointed!!

be your own kind of beautiful

a better experience!


Big changes are happening with my business in my local area… Recently I severed ties with the local salon I was working within for past 2 years and 9 months.  I appreciate the opportunity I had with connecting with great people of which became wonderful clients.  I feel lucky to have been able to start my profession as an Esthetician getting my feet wet and learning about this particular industry in the “real world”.

I have chosen to look at this departure as a growing experience, and I am excited about what lies ahead for me!  I plan to still provide my services to my local clientele at either the location I will still be practicing at in Vancouver (On the Fringe Hair Studio), on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, but, I am now going to start offering services within my clients home.  I hope this will create a comfortable atmosphere for my clients and show a greater amount of personal service that I would like to provide to each person that schedules any kind of service with me.

I will currently be offering in home services, where I will come to your home 2 days a week.  Thursdays and Fridays.  I will offer any kind of service, however, I will still be attempting to be as flexible as I possibly can be for each of my clients, but, as travel and setting up can take up some time, I will work with each person to make sure they are getting the best customer service possible with me.

I definitely encourage you to have others come too!  Invite your friends or family and make it a nice afternoon of getting waxed, threaded and pampered!  I will just need to know what everyone would like to have done ahead of time, so I can be sure to have enough supplies and time allotted for everyone to have the best experience possible.

I hope by providing this kind of personal service it will give my clients a comfort level that they may have been missing by coming into the salon.  You can relax, have a snack, drink a glass of wine and be pampered!

Future service possibilities may include make up services and spray tanning for the individual or parties too!

I hope to gain interest and more clients by offering this type of opportunity for being mobile and coming to you.

If you are interested, know someone that could or would benefit from this kind of personal service or if you simply have questions, please do not hesitate to call, text, email or message me!  I am happy to help you with your interest or questions!

I currently stand by my menu prices I currently offer, as time goes, it will be something I will have to visit and figure out, but, for now, I am very competitive and am still offering cash, check or even credit (Visa/MC) as long as I have a WiFi connection or cell service! 🙂

I am excited and looking forward to this new adventure!

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The “Old Wives Tale” regarding hair growth…

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I am sure you have heard it… said it… or believed it at some point in your life:

“If you shave, pluck, wax, or thread, dermaplane, (or any other form of hair removal process) it will only come back THICKER and darker! So you should NEVER EVER have your facial hair removed!”

This my readers is false.  I am not here to argue the age old hair growth myth.  Just give you the facts and I hope it will help you shed some light on the potential hair removal process you are considering having done or afraid to even consider having done because you are afraid of being Bigfoot when you are finished… and when your hair finally does grow back in.

First off… there are two types of hair on our bodies:

Vellus hair:

images (3)







Short, fine, light-colored, and barely noticeable hair that develops on most of a person’s body from his/her childhood.   Exceptions include the lips, the back of the ear, the palm of the hand, the sole of the foot, some external genital areas, the neval and scar tissue. The density of hair – the number of hair follicles per area of skin – varies from person to person. Each strand of vellus hair is usually less than 2 mm (1/13 inch) long and the follicle is not connected to a sebaceous gland.

Terminal hair:

images (4)






Thick, long, and dark, as compared with vellus hair; thicker hair that grows under the arms, pubic area, eye brows, legs and mustache and beard for men. 

Vellus hair when cut or removed will grow back the same.  The structure of the hair does not become damaged, therefore it is impossible to alter.  

Terminal hair is physiologically coarse.  When Terminal hair is cut, it grows back the same way – coarse.

Sometimes, waxing can make the hair appear to be “thinner” but it is really not thinner at all.  Because waxing pulls the hair from it’s roots, the new hair grows in with a smooth tip, making it feel softer.  But it is actually the same type of hair it was before.  It’s only when we cut hair (any type of hair) that the hair grows back with a blunt cut at the tip.  

The question has been given often times:
“why did my daughter (whom just began puberty) shave her legs, it was soft and more liken to “vellus” and then when it grew back, it became thick and darker?!”

The answer to this is due to it was actually Terminal hair to begin with.  The structure of the hair on her legs was different from the assumed vellus hair.  Leg hair is mean to be thicker, so when someone shaves the hair on their legs, the tip of the hair is blunt, therefore, making an already coarse piece of hair feel thicker.  Of course, add puberty into the mix and you will see plenty of changes within your daughters physical structure.

If you want to assist with lessening the “course” feel of the above scenario, one should consider waxing or threading the leg or other region that you are concerned with being course in texture.  Often times the hair will be softer and will grow a bit slower, because your esthetician or professional is removing the hair from the root and not just cutting the hair at the skin line the hair is re-growing a brand new strand.  Therefore the hair will come back a bit softer initially because it is a new “baby” hair.
If you choose the hair removal process you should keep up on this process with having a maintenance hair removal process every 3-4 weeks, most places will even offer discounts for coming back within a set time frame and it will offer a less discomforting process when you do go more often to have your hair removed professionally.

If you choose the laser hair removal choice, please note you cannot and should not be having any laser process near your eyes, so permanently having your eyebrows arched with next to no hair growth coming back isn’t something that will work for laser.  The darker the hair the better when using laser hair removal process and even after several visits you are explained and advised that you should revisit the laser process every few years for a maintenance process to stop any hairs that will eventually regrow even after most of the follicles were destroyed by said laser, some will still live and eventually re-sprout with new growth cycles.  Nothing is permanent (yet) with regards to hair removal.  The lighter, vellus hair growth as of 2012 is not something a laser procedure can assist with.  With many changes being made everyday in the esthetic and hair removal industry… anything is possible!

If you still have the voices of women of years gone by reminding you still not to remove that hair above your lip… (for example) what I can tell my clients is that after a threading process the hair is removed for a longer period of time, then say for example waxing or shaving.  This gives you the advantage and happiness to see a clean upper lip for a longer time frame.  This also can create an issue when you realize in about a months time your lip appears “harrier”!  You panic and start to think your grandmother was right!  What I do see in my practice is that the clients I work with month after month that come to me and I thread their entire face or just a lip… the hair never changes.  We have several cycles of hair growth, yes, you might have one growth cycle a bit thicker then another, however, the hair that is growing back isn’t any thicker then the first time when you sat in my chair the month prior.  I believe we see such results that are beneficial to our outer appearance and we forget just how much hair we did in fact start with and when the hair comes back… we are a little surprised sometimes with the growth that is coming back.

We have two choices… we have it removed… or we let it be.  What I do say to my client that is considering any hair removal is this:

“Does it bother you? Is this something you want removed?”

If you can answer the questions above yes/no… then you know your answer… if you are being talked into something… chances are you will not be happy with the process, results or the grow back later on, IF on the other hand you are wanting that hair removed… then you will deal with the discomfort that comes with hair removal and you will be happy with the results.

This is a personal preference and I do not recommend it unless YOU WANT IT! 🙂

I hope the above has helped shed some light on the old wives tales about hair growth/removal and maybe convinces you to try out threading, waxing or let your daughter that’s been nagging you to shave her legs to go ahead with it!

If this is a first time… for ANY hair removal process… EDUCATE YOURSELF!!

Thanks for reading!!
Have a great one! 🙂

Pfb Vanish Chromabright

I get asked about this often.. this sounds like a really great product!
If anyone is suffering from:

Ingrown Hairs

this could be your answer… if you do use it… please let me know what you think… this post has some great information and details…

Pfb Vanish Chromabright.

Waxing “Down Under” Part II of Waxing 101…

I recently posted a detailed page regarding Waxing 101… things that are, in my opinion, important to know and be educated on with regards to the essentials with regards to being waxed and having a waxing treatment or service.

This page/post is going into further detail on the region of the body that most people frequently cringe when they consider having such this waxing service or if they overhear someone talking about it they become uncomfortable or even sometimes embarrassed about the thought of having your genital areas waxed.  I hope this post will help break down that fear (whatever it might or could be) and help you understand what’s important to know and be aware of.  And potentially my post will also answer things that you are just too uncomfortable to ask someone about this area of our bodies.



The term bikini line is the imaginary line in a woman’s pubic region that delineates that part which would normally be covered by the bottom part of a swimsuit. In the context of waxing, it is generally understood to describe any pubic hair visible beyond the boundaries of a swimsuit.  Waxing is usually also performed on the upper leg, this will depend on your needs and how much hair you actually have in this area of your body, if you are getting a bikini wax or even a Brazilian you might also want to consider getting your upper legs or full legs waxed so the look is uniform.

waxing styles:

  • American waxing is the removal of only the pubic hair that is exposed by a swimsuit, depending on the style of the swimsuit. For a bikini, it would be hair at the top of the thighs and under the navel. It is also known as a basic bikini wax, or a bikini line wax.
  • French waxing leaves a vertical strip in front (sometimes called a landing strip), two to three finger-widths long just above the vulva, and 1.5 inches or 4 cm wide. It is also known as a partial Brazilian wax.   Hair of the peri-anal area and labia may be removed. Removal of hair from these areas is also known as the Playboy wax or G-waxing. The landing strip wax has become popular with models who must wear garments of an extreme narrowness in the crotch region.
  • The Bikini Line: This is the least extreme form. All pubic hair covered by the bikini is left in place. Only straggling hairs on either side are removed, so that none is visible when a bikini with high-cut sides is being worn.
  • The Full Bikini: Only a small amount of hair is left, on the Mound of Venus (the mons pubis)
  • The European: All pubic hair is removed “except for a small patch on the mound”.
  • The Triangle: All pubic hair is removed except for a sharply trimmed triangle with the central, lower point aimed at the top of the genitals. It has been described as “an arrowhead pointing the way to pleasure”.
  • The Moustache: Everything is removed except for a wide, rectangular patch just above the hood at the top of the genital slit. This is sometimes called “The Hitler’s Moustache“, sometimes “Chaplin’s Moustache“.
  • The Heart: The main pubic tuft is shaped into a heart symbol and may be dyed pink. This is a popular style for St. Valentine’s Day, presented as an erotic surprise to a sexual partner.
  • The Landing Strip: A cultivated pubic hair pattern in which the hair is trimmed to a narrow vertical strip or rectangle, and all other pubic hair is removed. The landing strip starts from anywhere between the natural pubic hairline to within two inches from the top of the vulva, and ends just above the clitoris.
  • The Playboy Strip: Everything is removed except for a long, narrow rectangle of hair, 4 cm (1½ inches) wide.

You might find when you go to your local Spa, or Esthetician to have any of the above done that they might use a soft wax verses hard wax.  I realize there might be exceptions to the rule, but, in my opinion due to the sensitivities of the genital region Hard Wax should be used in this area.  Sometimes the basic Bikini can be performed using soft wax because it’s more close to the skin on the inner part of your legs.  Once the wax is on the pubic area, you should only be using Hard Wax.  You will not have the tearing or ripping or damage that soft wax may entail in this area.


Some claim the origin of the concept Brazilian hairless privates date back to a letter written by Pêro Vaz de Caminha documenting Pedro Álvares Cabral‘s voyage to Brazil in 1500 AD, which says: “…suas vergonhas tão altas e tão çarradinhas e tão limpas das cabeleiras que de as nós muito bem olharmos não tínhamos nenhuma vergonha” (English translation: “their private parts were so exposed, so healthy and so hairless, that looking upon them we felt no shame”).

The Brazilian wax was first so named in modern times by the J. Sisters salon in Manhattan, founded in 1987 by seven sisters from Brazil named Padilha.

The Brazilian is the removal of all hair in the pelvic area, front and back, while sometimes leaving a thin strip of hair on the pubis.   It can be used by those who wear thong bikinis.   It is a form of bikini waxing, and involves the complete removal of hair from the buttocks and adjacent to the anus, perineum and vulva (labia majora and mons pubis).  If a thin vertical strip of hair is left, it may be called a landing strip.

Brazilian waxing is also known as a full Brazilian waxfull Bikini waxHollywood wax or the Sphinx.   The Sphinx variety involves the complete removal of all hair in the pelvic region. The name is derived from that of a naked breed of cat from Canada. The smooth-skinned, hairless Sphynx cat was a genetic oddity discovered in Toronto in 1966. Some salons refer to the Sphynx as the Hollywood.  Some women trim, but keep hair on their labia, while removing the pubic hair on the mons pubis.

Brazilian waxing is more controversial than other types of waxing.  The look has also been called perverted, as well as suggested to be unnatural by some.  There is also a health risk involved if it is not done properly, as well as a risk of infection if done on a person with a weakened immune system.



The pubic area is one of the most sensitive areas in the body, and special attention must be paid to avoid irritation. Over time hair becomes weaker and grows more slowly leading to less frequent waxing.  If the client has never been waxed before, or has not been waxed for a long time, it may be necessary to trim the hair down first using scissors or an electric razor (this is something you should be aware of, if you have a larger or thicker amount of hair in your pubic region or it’s very long you might want to check with your Spa or Esthetician to see if they charge extra for trimming, most will, and if you are budget minded you might want to do your own trimming to save time and money).

A patch test is necessary, usually at the uppermost part of the thigh, to test that the client is not allergic to wax or the skin doesn’t overreact. Since the mucous membrane of the vulva is the most sensitive of the bikini area, it is usually better left to the last part of the process.

Oil based lotions or creams are always to be avoided, while oatmeal based powders are best for soothing the skin after waxing.  Sometimes bumps or in-grown hair can result. Isolated hairs can be removed by using tweezers or by electrolysis.

The pain involved with this procedure can be slight or severe and can continue from several seconds to several minutes. Some people experience less pain during subsequent treatments. It can be helpful for a bikini wax recipient to take a mild anti-inflammatory medication (like Ibuprofen) an hour or so before waxing to reduce potential pain from the waxing.

The medical community has also seen a recent increase in folliculits, or infection around the hair follicle, in women who wax or shave their bikini areas.  Some of these infections can develop into more serious abscesses that require incision with a scalpel, drainage of the abscess, and antibiotics. Staphylococcus aureus is the most common cause of folliculitis.

**Again this is another perfect example as to why “Double-Dipping” should never be done EVER!


  • being a diabetic
  • varicose veins or poor circulation
  • any medications you are taking or took up to a year prior that was for treating acne
  • blood thinners
  • any medications you are taking that recommend you avoid direct sunlight due to being easily burnt
  • taking any steroidal medications (or recently stopped taking them)
  • if you currently have an outbreak of herpes, or another STD that can spread if procedure was given
  • you should try to avoid having this procedure near or during your period (try going at least 2 days prior to starting or 2 days after last day)

Your professional will always be wearing gloves when performing this kind of waxing service, it is to protect them as well as for your safety and preventing any spread of anything.



  • it’s recommended to wear loser fitting clothing items in the first 24 hours after being waxed
  • you shouldn’t expose this area or your skin to any tanning (naturally or tanning beds) for at least 48 hours
  • do not have a hot shower or bath for the first 24 hours afterwards
  • do not use any kind of loofah or shower scrubby to bath with afterwards; it can cause infection and is abrasive to skin
  • NO swimming in chlorine, any kind of pools, rivers or the ocean for at least 24 hours after
  • no steam rooms or saunas
  • sexual contact for at lest the first 24-48 hours should be limited or avoided due to the irritation it can cause
  • limit your exercise routine for the first 24 hours after
  • avoid applying any lotions or oils for the first 24 hours afterwards, unless recommended by professional performing procedure
  • NO tights, leggings, nylons/hose for the first 24 hours after
  • If you are prone to ingrown hairs (and this will typically happen after your first couple of experiences before this changes) it is recommended that you use something that has a mild exfoliate in said product or your favorite cleanser and adding a teaspoon to a tablespoon of sugar to said cleanser as you are about to apply to this area of your body to scrub/wash it.
  • you can also apply a product that will help prevent ingrown hairs such as “No Bump Rx” or “Tend Skin” (as examples) about 2 days after waxing treatment. You can then apply it 2 to 3 more times a week to help prevent any further ingrown hairs.

WAXING 101….

Welcome to “WAXING 101” 🙂

Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hair generally grows back from waxed areas generally between 2 to 8 weeks, depending upon the clients/your growth cycle and how fast your hair grows naturally.  Occasionally some people will start to see regrowth in only a week. Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face, bikini areas, legs, arms, back, abdomen and even feet. There are many types of waxing products suitable for removing unwanted hair.  There are generally 2 kinds of waxes that are widely used in the industry today (there is also something called Sugaring, which I will create a post just about that subject at a later time).  Soft wax or sometimes called “Strip wax” what most are accustomed to seeing and Hard wax.


SOFT WAX (strip wax)

Strip waxing is accomplished by spreading a wax combination or product thinly over the skin. A cloth or paper strip, thought it’s typically a “Muslin” or basic natural cotton fabric that is used.  The strip of muslin is then pressed on the top and ripped off with a quick movement against the direction of hair growth.  This removes the wax along with the hair.  Strip wax can and often times can pull at least a small top layer of you skin, it is not recommended if you have skin sensitivities or other health risks (please see below for warnings).

Generally Soft Wax (Strip Wax) is used for the following body areas:

  • brows
  • upper lips
  • forehead
  • chin
  • chest
  • back
  • buttocks
  • legs
  • arms
**Soft wax is used in larger spots of the body and where the skin can be manipulated and pulled tight enough to lesson the tearing effect and damage to your skin itself.


With Hard Wax you are only pulling said wax that is applied, no strip/muslin over the top of wax.  In this case, the wax is applied somewhat thickly. The wax hardens when it cools (much to the consistency of silly puddy, sounds silly yes, but, if you have ever handled this toy resin, you will understand), thus allowing the easy removal by a therapist without the aid of cloths. This waxing method is very beneficial to people who have skin sensitivities.  Hard Wax generally won’t pull your skin, it only adheres to your hair, thus why you have to make the hard wax a bit thicker when applied to your skin.

Hard Wax is for more sensitive skin areas such as:

  • brows
  • cheeks
  • upper lips
  • chin & lower lip area
  • foreheads
  • nose hairs
  • ear hairs
  • under arms
  • pubic hair area (generally Hard Wax is the safest wax to use in this area)
**Any area on your body that you feel is more tender, skin that has less elasticity, if you have sensitivities to soft/strip wax.


Waxing has been used safely and successfully for centuries and if it’s done right, the majority of people can find long lasting results from waxing to remove all unwanted hair on your body/face.

This post is more about the professional techniques and methods; there are however, many DIY waxing kits you can buy for home usage.  I will not recommend anything in this post for your home usage, please see “DIY” category, I will attempt to place details there for your DIY usage and potentially good products.  Please understand I am not against you doing things yourself and there are some DIY waxing kits that will be efficient for your hair removal needs, however, I also DO NOT recommend you buying a kit and not knowing the consequences.  Educate! Educate! Educate! I cannot say this enough. If you attempt a home DIY kit for waxing and you feel comfortable with said product, great.  But, I don’t want you to create a situation that will cause more harm then good.  Please read below and gather knowledge so you are aware.


The waxing technique generally in my opinion should be left up to the professional.  Obviously there are exceptions.

Generally, in most states you are required to have either an Esthetician license or Cosmetologists license in the state you are planning to practice any wax removal process or treatments.  This is to ensure the person that is giving you said service is knowledgeable of how to apply, pull and handle skin care related issues that can and might arise during your simple hair removal procedure.

There are only two areas on the body that should NEVER be waxed, they will and can cause severe damage and scarring if done these areas are the eyelids and your eye lashes.  Even when you are having your brows waxed and your professional goes lower then necessary on your lid it can cause damage to your eyelid.  This skin is extremely fragile and it only gets more fragile as we age. So it is never recommended that you ever remove hair using wax in these two areas.  If you have hair there and want it removed, I recommend either your tweezers or threading only.

Other then the above areas mentioned, you can remove any other body hair using a wax product.  Weather you would want to is all up to your personal preferences.


Advantage:   It is an effective method to remove large amounts of hair at one time.  It’s typically a long-lasting method. Hair in waxed areas will not grow back for two to eight weeks. When hair is shaved or removed by depilatory creams (Nair, for example) the hair is removed at the surface rather than the root. Within a few days, the hair can be seen at the surface. With these methods, hair tends to grow back in a rough stubble. Areas that are repeatedly waxed over long periods of time often exhibit regrowth that is softer and it will slow growth and appear more sparse, if you are able to maintain said waxing treatments over a long period of time.

Drawbacks:   Waxing can be painful when the strip/wax is removed from your skin. Although the pain is not long-lasting, it can be intense, particularly in more sensitive areas.  The expense of having larger areas of your hair removed, it can be costly, however, it lasts a longer time and cuts down on the time you have to devote daily, weekly, monthly, and  if figuring out that time over a year, it might be beneficial to budget waxing for your hair removing needs, depending upon how you feel about unwanted hair on your body.  Hair removal is not permanent. When removed against the direction of hair growth, the wax strip may disturb hair follicles, causing hair to begin to grow in different directions. This may cause hair growth to be more noticeable and make other methods of hair removal more difficult. Fortunately, this risk is negligible if the waxing is performed properly.  Some people experience ingrown hairs, red bumps, and minor bleeding. This is more likely to occur when waxing areas with thick hair, especially the first few times when follicles are strongest (this changes over time, if you keep up the wax treatments/services, said hair follicles soften and the chance of this side effect lessons) . While usually impossible to eliminate, ingrown hairs can be reduced by regularly exfoliating (please see below for further details), and applying an astringent or a solution of both astringent and oil – typically baby or azulene (calming to the skin)oil, or Aloe Vera cream or gel.


Things to know before you go get your next waxing service at your local                                         salon, spa or Esthetician:


  • are you sensitive to the sun (do you burn easily? do you burn then tan or just burn again?)
  • what medications are you taking?
  • are you diabetic?
  • do you have any kind of skin related diagnosed problem? (example: rosacea)
  • do you easily get cold sores or fever blisters?
  • have you been diagnosed with phlebitis or do you have varicose veins?
  • did you exfoliate or have a recent chemical peel or microderm?
  • recent injections? (example: Botox)
  • any kind of skin lightening procedures?
  • taking anything or using anything for your acne?


pay attention to how your professional is handing the wax that they plan to spread onto your skin, if you have been going to them for sometime, then you might already be able to answer this:

Is your Esthetician or Professional giving you the service using safe, health conscience methods?

Are they “Double-Dipping”?   If you are not aware of this nasty habit, it’s not safe and you should question if your professional is doing this and why they choose to double-dip rather then just dispose of the sticks and use a new one each time they dip back into the pot of wax.  Waxing pots do not and should NEVER get warm/hot enough to kill bacteria, if it did, you would be burned severely by said wax.  However, the waxing pot can be a breeding ground for unnecessary bacteria when your professional chooses to be lazy and not use a new clean stick or applicator stick each time they dip into said waxing pot.  It’s extremely hazardous to your health and can create infections such as staph or any number of fungal infections.  Try to imagine it this way: your professionals prior client could have just been in that room for a full Brazilian, although it’s a clean room and the linens have been changed and it “appears” clean and safe, if they are double-dipping into the same wax that was used for the previous client…. the client that just visited and had a Brazilian wax.  Think about that for a few seconds.  Then imagine that said client had a yeast infection, or some other fungal infection or even an STD; if your professional is being lazy and not changing said sticks your chances of getting an infection from said wax is high.

I only tell you this hazard as a true regard to your health and well-being.  It’s something that very few people ever think about unless you are a professional and are trained during your education process that you should never double-dip.  However, in some states you are not required to change sticks, it’s a nasty “gray area”.  In fact the state I practice in doesn’t have this as a law… therefore there are some that will double-dip.  I hate the thought, habit and find it gross.  The sticks are not expensive and it’s a small thing to have peace of mind.

You are the person in control of your service.  You have the right to ask and protect yourself.  If you are reading this, you are educating yourself and protecting your health.


CONTRAINDICATIONS (you should not have any waxing service done-or consult your physician first and have a note showing your doctor says it’s okay)

  • If you’re diabetic
  • blood thinning medications
  • if you have had recent Chemical Peels using: glycolic, salicylic, or other acid based products
  • recent microderms
  • recent injectables (like Botox)
  • recent cosmetic or reconstructive surgeries
  • rosacea or very sensitive skins
  • recently sunburned
  • presence open pustules or papules on any area you want waxed
  • exfoliated topically with medication including: Retin-A, Renova, Tazorac, Differin, Azelex, or other peeling agents or vitamin A topical products. (Realizing some of the acne meds are changing I chose to leave the older names, due to more understanding)
  • Hydroquinone for skin lightening
  • Accutane or other acne medications
  • any medications that advise you to stay out of the direct ray of the sunlight, these meds are generally temporary, however, you might have to wait to get your next waxing procedure; these medications will make your skin more fragile
  • Any form or Steroids (topical or taking orally)

**If you have a tendency to get cold sores or fever blisters please make your professional aware, Generally this isn’t something that will automatically prevent you from getting your service.  However, if you have any breakouts it’s never advised to have a treatment due to spreading dangers over the face.  If you have the tendency to get them, you should however know that if getting your upper lip waxed you could cause a breakout of one.


I plan to make a future post regarding bikini and Brazilian waxes and what you should know about this area of our bodies when getting waxed.  This post was just essential or basic knowledge for you to have when you are thinking about getting waxed.

I hope you have found this easy to read and not too dry.

let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the above post.

Thanks for taking the time to read!!

The places I practice what I love to do!!

I am currently working two jobs using my license as an Esthetician…

I am now practicing my Threading & other amazing skincare services at:

On the Fringe Hair & Day Spa
316 SE 123rd Ave. Suite #D-3
Vancouver, WA  

I am taking both walk-in and Appointments! 

Also offering: 
Facials, Chemical Peels, Back Treatments, Brow & Lash Tinting and full line of waxing services!

Yes that’s right folks!!! You NO longer have to sit in the middle of the mall being watched by all that pass below and above to see you being threaded!!! You can come see me at the above locations and I can assist you with all your hair removal needs!!

The prices are similar to those in the Mall and you can make an appointment and have the privacy of being inside a salon and within my room I practice my Esthetics in.
I look forward to assisting you and seeing you soon!

We have ample parking and it’s very easy to find. Just take the Mill Plain exit off 205, heading east (towards 164th) just past the 2nd Starbucks that’s located on the right (if heading east) there’s a large Plaza, with several restaurants and businesses, we’re located within this Plaza!!


What I try to make my clients see and understand is that this is my profession, this is what I love and what I enjoy doing.  I find happiness in this… and I know this art and technique I offer is unique, and it’s a product.  I DO NOT wish for MY product to be on your face as a mistake! I want you walking around with beautiful brows and a well threaded facial feature that I helped produce.  So please give me the time and allow me to give you the enhancement you deserve!

Inexpensive Day Spa alternative

If you are like me… on a budget and have to be careful where your cash is going currently, BUT, you still want to experience the “spa life” and get some much needed treatments you feel like you are missing out on…

You might want to give a local Esthetics School a chance!  Many are typically nearly half the cost of what you would normally pay out of pocket and typically you will find that most schools and training establishments are safe, and even though you have a student working on you, if it’s a situation that has something that is a bit more “challenging” for the students, there is always an instructor on hand and at least for the school I was trained at, I wasn’t allowed to treat anyone on chemical peels or a microderm until I had several hundred hours under the proverbial ‘belt’ and even then when I was applying said peel or operating the microderm machine my instructor was on hand or very near to make sure I was properly doing the treatments.

This might also be a great way to experience a service you’re just not so sure about, at a much cheaper cost to you.  The treatments might take a little bit longer, but, your pocket book/budget will certainly be happier for it!

Things to remember:

You are in a training establishment, more often times you will have to accept you are in the middle of someone’s training, therefore there could be instances when you might have to have some patience with your “in training Esthetcian”.  You may not want to go when you have time contraints, you will want to definitely give yourself time, just in case.

Maybe not wear your favorite most expensive sweater to get your wax treatment or even a facial.  When you are being treated by someone in training, it might be potentially hazardous to your wardrobe… however, most of the time it can be removed when it goes through the wash.  Make sure they wrap your head even to wax; just because they are confident in their abilities doesn’t mean they aren’t still very green! They might do a great job waxing said hairs on your brows or lip, however, getting wax to and from the pots might be dangerous to your hair for example.  There are plenty of oils and wax removers that can be applied… but, you can definitely prevent this all together by making sure your hair is covered.

If you’re brand new to the facility and want a more intense Microderm or Chemical Peel… you may as well not waste your trip.  This is afterall a training facility.  Meaning that for the most part if you’re new, they will treat you as such, just as if you were new to a Spa and wanted said treatment there.  When you are being trained there are a few steps to ensure the safety of your skin and getting into that habit early on is expected.  So if you are familiar with the treatments and even IF your skin is “good to go” don’t fight with the students or instructors.  Please understand they need to learn the “right way” always.  However, if you keep coming back, you will be able to have more intense procedures due to them having details regarding your skins behavior on record.

And always realize you ARE at a school.  Therefore, you might not have the “best” of everything… but, for the most part you will get a great overall experience and if you’ve never had something done before it’s a great place to start to see if you will be willing to try it out in the “real world”.

I live in the Vancouver, Washington/Portland, Oregon metro area, there are a few local schools:

Manning Academy of Cosmetology, Inc.
8078 E. Mill Plain Blvd.
Vancouver, Washington 98664

Paul Mitchel School of Beauty
8230 NE Siskiyou St.
Portland, Oregon 97220
Aesthetics Institute
2245 NE Powell Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97202


**I am sure I could have missed someone’s school in my area, if you would like me to add one, or one in your area, let me know… I will do my best to accommodate your requests!** 

History of Waxing…

Sugaring is an early form of waxing and came from ancient Egypt and is still popular in Arabic countries today. Sugaring is known in various Mediterranean societies by the Arabic name, halawa, meaning sweet. A mixture of sugar, lemon juice, and water is heated to form a syrup. The syrup is formed into a ball, flattened onto the skin, then quickly stripped away, removing the hair from the root. (see category for Sugaring for more details)

Hair removal, including Brazilian Waxing is a hygiene thing. In Middle Eastern societies, removal of body hair has been considered proper hygiene, necessitated by local customs, for many centuries. In Islam, this is known as an act of Fitrah. Evidence of total body hair removal in ancient India dates back to 4000 to 3000 BC and whilst Europeans have been generally accepting of body hair, there was a period in the Middle Ages when Crusaders returning from the Middle East made hairlessness chic. The West has taken a little longer to catch up. The removal of body hair by Western women became more common when bathing suits came about, starting in the 1940’s.

It is commonly agreed that full body hair removal originated in Middle Eastern countries. It is thought to have come about as a response to lice, fleas other parasites and body odour that can be prevalent in a hot climate. It later became a religious ritual to promote cleanliness and purification. Both men and women subscribed to full body hair removal and adhered to the expectation that hair should be removed at least every 40 days.

The Greek also adopted the ideal of hairless/smoothness. The old Sculptures show us this… women are polished, shined and all, without any pubic hair whatsoever, whereas the men of this era do show pubic hairs. Greeks thought pubic hair on women was ugly, upper class ladies therefore created trends of removing it all. The Romans did not like pubic hair either, the young girls began removing it as soon as it started to appear during puberty.  Using tweezers, they called it “volsella” they also had a depilatory cream, the “philotrum or “dropas” a forerunner to the current depiltory creams (Nair – for example). Waxing became a way and in this region it was done with a resin or pitch.

In 1520, Bassano de Zra wrote: “The Turks consider it sinful when a woman lets the hair on her private parts grow. As soon as a woman feels the hair is growing, she hurries to the public bath to have it removed or remove it herself.” The public baths all had special rooms where the ladies could get rid of their hair. Nowadays the Hamams, or public baths, have special rooms for the ladies to depilate.

The habit of depilating fell out of fashion after Catherine de Medici, then queen of France, forbade her ladies in waiting to remove their pubic hair any longer.  This might also explain why so many cultures in the European countries are more accepting and open to women that choose not to shave, wax, thread, or any kind of hair removal at all.

America started to see a larger influx of interest in the art of hair removal using Wax during the first introduction into the swimsuits that started to show “more skin” around the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Smooth skin started to become a more common place, bikini waxing started to become an acceptable hair removal process, eventually the introduction to the Brazilian wax came into acceptance as did the entire idea of hair removal by the usage of wax.

Many products and additives have been added making waxing more safe and easier on our skin types.  Soft waxes, hard waxes and alternatives to the regular known waxing materials have all added to the multi-million dollar business of hair removal… waxing.