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It’s been a very very long time… so let me apologize for not posting anything for a while.  I have had some major changes, physically and emotionally and I frankly didn’t have the “heart” in it to write, err typing something when all I wanted to do was crawl under my preverbal rock and hide.  I was finding I was starting to have a “love-hate” relationship with my job and I was feeling pretty miserable about the entire idea of “working” in my industry.

It’s sad how someone and a particular environment can make you spin into a spiral of wicked bad emotions isn’t it? Okay, maybe it’s just me that gets like that? Hmm…. anyways, I was working at a place in Eastern Vancouver and I even though it was better than the “mall” (when I was threading at the local mall at the KIOSK–YUCK-YUCK-YUCK!!) it soon became obvious that promises and actions behind said promises were entirely two different animals with this owner and my boss.  I spent nearly 3 years working with and around this person and I found that I was discouraged more and picked apart nearly daily and I still have a hard time understanding WHY she wanted to be so down on me.  I suppose I was willing to hear it… and not fight.  I don’t want conflict and I chose to just try and do my job I was there to do and leave… however, often the passive aggressive stance she had made it difficult and mentally and emotionally challenging.

For a while I found myself being very discouraged with my profession and actually feeling like I hated my job.  What I have learned was and is that I didn’t and I do not hate my job… what I do dislike and have major issues with is being treated like I am a 3rd rate citizen and I am worthless and below standard.  Being picked apart and told how I need to change ME daily can definitely mess with your inner self!

I was contacted by a friend in the esthetics industry, she was and is doing very well in downtown Vancouver.  She was enlarging her business and wanted to see if i was interested in working with her.  I was a bit leery, but, thought I would give it a look see and try.  That was back in later 2014 and I found myself feeling encouraged and excited again!  I was only working a few days a week initially and it felt good coming to her shop.  It was a place I felt myself growing and feeling my  inner confidence coming out and I was getting strong again.  I was starting to love my work again.

After feeling unappreciated and finding that “my job” was secretly being advertised in the local Craigslist I felt it was time to leave the salon I was currently working at and within… I made plans and left in late December.  I did however, give my 2 weeks notice only to find that I was not welcome after that shift.  I have to be honest with you… I would have been shocked had she allowed me to remain my final 2 weeks!  by the time I left that day she had wiped my details from the companies web page and schedule.  Took away all my privileges and abilities away… I suppose she thought I’d “steal” my clients information.  I guess she didn’t think I’d save that stuff before I left? I didn’t steel anything… I thread and unless she currently has or had someone… these people would be following me… regardless of how she felt.  I did however, choose not to take any clients that we shared… I figured if they wanted my services again, they were smart and they’d do a search for “Threading” and would eventually find me… there’s only this shop I currently am at and the local Mall offering threading currently in Vancouver.  The thing is when I left, I did my best to remain civil, yet, this person was angry and chose to tell me how I’d never amount to anything and how worthless I am. I did my best to hold myself high and walk out of there with some pride.  By the end of January I was finally on my new path and had pretty much shaken the past few years and the issues that came from that place I had been in.  I started to realize how happy I was to come to work again… I enjoy seeing my clients and I like being here.  It’s definitely a good place for me emotionally for my working world!

SO… in case you don’t already know, I am now located in Downtown Vancouver, at a cute shop called:
Beauty by Tara Lee
1703 Broadway, Vancouver

We are open Monday-Saturdays, usually opening by 10 a.m. daily, our Saturdays differ depending on the Saturday. And we are usually here until 7 p.m. on the weeknights!  The parking is good and we do accept walk-ins, although I do encourage you to make an appointment, we seem to fill up pretty quick!

You can tho to:

We offer online scheduling, you can see when both myself (Jamie) and Tara are available and book with us, you can also text or call us!  We make it really easy to make your appointment with us.

We are currently offering:


The costs are very competitive and we currently offer packages for some of our threading and waxing services.  If you create an account via the web page and LIKE us on Facebook… there are also specials that are announced and you are made aware of any of the deals and discounts that will often arise weekly and monthly depending on the season and service.

This is a great place and I hope you’ll take time to drop in and say HI and try out one of our great services!
You won’t be disappointed!!

be your own kind of beautiful

Just a tidbit I wanted to share… er brag about!

As most are aware I currently work at a salon in Vancouver, Washington… On the Fringe Hair Studio…

I am also taking on the new adventure of offering mobile services for my rural clients I was servicing at a local salon for the past 2 and a half years in Woodland. I recently severed ties with them and have chosen to try the mobile service, for a chance to offer a great experience to my current clients as well as new clientele too!

If you are unsure of ME and my abilities, I would like to share just one of the many great reviews I have received over the past few years from current and past clients that have seen me in one of the locations I was working within.

This particular client is newer and she is seeing me at the Vancouver salon, but, it will give you a great window to an experience with me!

Thanks for reading and I hope to be hearing from you!
(the below link is to a local blogger that is also a new client)



a better experience!


Big changes are happening with my business in my local area… Recently I severed ties with the local salon I was working within for past 2 years and 9 months.  I appreciate the opportunity I had with connecting with great people of which became wonderful clients.  I feel lucky to have been able to start my profession as an Esthetician getting my feet wet and learning about this particular industry in the “real world”.

I have chosen to look at this departure as a growing experience, and I am excited about what lies ahead for me!  I plan to still provide my services to my local clientele at either the location I will still be practicing at in Vancouver (On the Fringe Hair Studio), on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, but, I am now going to start offering services within my clients home.  I hope this will create a comfortable atmosphere for my clients and show a greater amount of personal service that I would like to provide to each person that schedules any kind of service with me.

I will currently be offering in home services, where I will come to your home 2 days a week.  Thursdays and Fridays.  I will offer any kind of service, however, I will still be attempting to be as flexible as I possibly can be for each of my clients, but, as travel and setting up can take up some time, I will work with each person to make sure they are getting the best customer service possible with me.

I definitely encourage you to have others come too!  Invite your friends or family and make it a nice afternoon of getting waxed, threaded and pampered!  I will just need to know what everyone would like to have done ahead of time, so I can be sure to have enough supplies and time allotted for everyone to have the best experience possible.

I hope by providing this kind of personal service it will give my clients a comfort level that they may have been missing by coming into the salon.  You can relax, have a snack, drink a glass of wine and be pampered!

Future service possibilities may include make up services and spray tanning for the individual or parties too!

I hope to gain interest and more clients by offering this type of opportunity for being mobile and coming to you.

If you are interested, know someone that could or would benefit from this kind of personal service or if you simply have questions, please do not hesitate to call, text, email or message me!  I am happy to help you with your interest or questions!

I currently stand by my menu prices I currently offer, as time goes, it will be something I will have to visit and figure out, but, for now, I am very competitive and am still offering cash, check or even credit (Visa/MC) as long as I have a WiFi connection or cell service! 🙂

I am excited and looking forward to this new adventure!

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Some new Likes of mines…


McKee Jewelry Designs… from her web site:
“A collection of Handmade Artisan jewelry, statement jewelry, exotic artisan jewelry, unique handcrafted jewelry, wearable art jewelry with mixture of textures. I hand create each item. I started this business with a dream in 2011. I have had over thousand sales and 100 % positive feedback.  The components I work with are  copper, bronze, sterling silver, bronze and brass. Most of my pieces are made Gemstones, Semi precious stones and Ceramic beads.”

I will tell you she has a great eye for what she is doing, she isn’t apposed to making something just for you or that special someone.  She has won awards and been published in several magazines about jewelry and design.  She has a great artistic “flair”!

Please make sure to check out her page and if you like, share! 🙂

Blue bracelet jewelry, dragonfly, semi precious stone, crystal, copper   Gold Bracelet.Gold Orchid Flower with gold chain and clasp. Fine jewelry.  Aged Verdigris Patina Butterfly Necklace with Antique Brass Chain. Nature, woodland Inspired.   Hearts. Bali sterling silver ear wires and antiqued silver  heart charms.Copper wire wrapped, Czech glass and carved white Bone Earrings. Feather, leaves.


above are just some of her beautiful works of art!




I am sure you might have heard about essential oils at some point in your life? Sometimes they seem to have some good value, but, often times there isn’t much help when we are looking at the daunting list in stores or hearing about them to know what to get for what ails us and what it will do and product details.

I was recently introduced to DoTERRA Essential Oils by a very dear person I have known nearly all my life.  She is the kind of person that will not stand up for something unless she knows it’s value and what it will and can do.

Her family has been using these oils, and I don’t think she will mind if I say that they fight with a lot of allergies and issues that can make certain family members very ill if they are in contact with said allergens.  These oils have been used successfully with her two kids and husband and have good results!

I have been introducing some of the oils to my clientele and they have loved them!

Please, if you are curious, or want to see what they can do for you… check out her Facebook page:

and educate yourself about what they can do for you!




Quote from their web site:
“ is an online coffee business dedicated to providing customers with the best gourmet coffees. Our vast selection of flavored coffee and flavored decaf coffee includes almost every flavor imaginable. All of our flavored coffees are small batch roasted to offer high-quality freshness. We roast and ship the same day, so you’ll be enjoying your special cup of gourmet coffee in no time. Thank you for choosing as your top choice for coffee!”

My personal experience with this company is GREAT! I ordered the man I have been dating his favorite coffee, which he introduced me to months prior… Blueberry Coffee (if you love blueberries… this is definitely YOUR coffee!! Try it with the Caramel creamer… YUM!!) I ordered the 5 pound bag, I don’t know coffee, but, I know this was what he loves.  So… I was on a mission.  Initially I thought… what kind of company calls their Flavored Coffee company “Flavored Coffee”!!  I mean… a bit un-creative… LOL, but, what they lack in creative name calling, they make up for in flavor!!!
I totally recommend them!

When I ordered the coffee,  I felt a bit uneasy because the page never updated with status showing if they had “mailed” my package to me.  I called, after 3 days.  They were “too busy” – which honestly, I was a bit nervous, but, I followed the directions that the voice recording said, which advised me to leave my details and a number to reach me back at.  I did.  About 2 hours later I received a callback from a customer service representative, she was extremely friendly, and gave me all my details, had information ready for me even before I asked. She advised me the tracking showed that the package had in fact been delivered that morning!

I would highly recommend this company and I think what they are selling is a very good quality coffee!  The flavors are good and if you are in need of a certain odd or unusual coffee flavored bean, this just might be your company!

 Blueberry Flavored Coffee (1lb)        Bananas Foster Flavored Coffee (1lb bag)      Egg Nog Flavored Coffee (1lb bag)

There are so many more… but this gives you an idea!




from my person blog. thank you for reading. Peace 🙂



I share my personal blog today… as a lesson… if you are young and thinking about your loved one and having over thinking or stressful moments… read it… if you’re older like me… and love is still “new” and you feel like at moments your bearings and relationship knowledge is quite “naive” – read it… maybe you will learn from my issues… I may have fucked up… but…perhaps you can take something from my poor choice. and even better… NOT do what I do.

Thanks for reading! 🙂 and I know it’s nothing to do with esthetics… but… please be patient… there is one boiling in my mind… and I will be sharing a new blog or two soon… within the esthetics world… I promise!


Truth IS…

Truth IS…

just a little from my personal blog. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Invest in great products for your hair!

Working in the beauty industry I get privy to many samples, intros, backgrounds and knowledge classes about MANY top of the line beauty products and see first hand how the work, feel in our hair, on our skin, and what it does overall to the look of said hair and skin.  I have come across a few products that I would like to share with my readers, products that I do personally use and have invested in, because that IS what we are doing… investing in our hair, skin, etc., it’s hard to pay $20+ for a skincare product or hair care product and find that we are not only disappointed but pissed at ourselves for even spending said cash… because if you’re like me, you live within a budget and that $20 you invested was a LOT of money for you.  In the end… our hair along with our face is what we show off to the rest of the world… and we want the best “foot” forward, we want to always look and appear our best and even though things can be expensive… I know if something works… we can justify paying a bit more for something that will do our looks justice, rather then leave us with a bad taste in our mouths for paying for said product only to find our friend that spent half or less even is getting similar results!

I am here to say that these products are indeed more expensive, however, I can also tell you after having a lot of time spent using said products they are not only worth the money invested, they will last a very long time, if you use them as they instruct.  Most expensive shampoos, and hair care products go further because they are more concentrated, a little bit goes a very long ways!

The two products I am sharing are called:

UNITE and USE ME hair care products.  There are products in both lines that in a pinch they are organic enough and gentle enough to even be used on the face and skin and actually work pretty good!  They do not promote themselves as such, but, I have spoken with the owner of Use Me and several reps for UNITE and you can safely use both for the skin.

Use Me:

Use Me Hair Products

Use Me Media Sheet

I have had the pleasure of personally meeting Alanna York, owner of the Use Me product line, a really smart business woman with a great personality and product!

A very “Earth Friendly” organic line of hair products.  From shampoo & conditioner to hair styling products they have you covered.

Philosophy of the Use Me line: 

Refill, Reuse, Repeat is the concept behind Use Me! Products, an organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free, eco-friendly hair care brand. It is as straightforward as the name on the bottle; what you see is what you get.

Every product in the Use Me line is made with natural ingredients that give you unbeatable, realistic results. The fear of leaving the salon and not being able to reconstruct your stylist’s creation is all in the past, as Use Me clearly states how to use each product at home.

This unique line of products is made more Earth Friendly when you realize that when you purchase said product, you then bring back your bottles you purchased that housed the shampoos and conditioners and you will pay less and refill said bottles at the refill station at your local salon that you purchased the Use Me line from.

They are vegan, gluten-free, which makes them a great option if you have troubles finding a line that suites said needs!



This company is a boutique, high end product, however, the product does work and is a company that is very high on the organic, without branding themselves as “organic” – they choose to be a hair care product first.

This line has a very famous “7 Second” hair conditioner, spray on product.  The first of it’s kind, that initially created the “craze” for the leave in spray conditioner that we’ve all (I can assume) have purchased and used from different lines… this particular product from Unite, is unique in the fact that it holds a very high UV protection for your hair, and not only for your hair, but, your skin.  This particular product as well as many other products within this line can be, in a pinch used on your skin… and will protect very well from the harsh UV rays.  From personal experience, burning your scalp can be one of the most painful experiences known.  The Spray in 7 Second conditioner, the “Beach Day” spray, and the natural Argon oil are 3 of the many products that are exceptionally great for the hair as well as the skin!

I have very fine, yet, thick hair, which creates somewhat a delima at moments when I am trying to get my hair to cooperate and look it’s best.  The Unite line has some great products I have found that really do what they claim to do and my hair is not only still looking it’s best, but, it’s not weighed down or appearing to look product laden.


If you are curious about any of the above products, the links I provided should assist you with finding a local salon/spa in your particular area that can assist you further with product details and knowledge.

If you are from another country Unite is in several countries and growing all the time, they are shopping both Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  So don’t give up and assume you can’t get these products! 🙂

If you are someone that is Vegan or dealing with any kind of Gluten issues, such as Celiac Disease (for example) both of these products are safe and friendly to your needs.

If you’re within the Vancouver/PDX metro area, you can find the Use Me products at “On the Fringe Hair Studio”

Side note: both the Unite and Use Me products were given out in the gift bags at the 2013 Golden Globes… if that’s your thing. 🙂

The Warmest Wishes from ME to you…

Wishing everyone the happiest of Christmases and New Year yet!

My idea of creating this blog was started by a very dear person in my life.  He helped me see my strengths and pushed me to see the confidence within myself to believe I could be and do what needed done to accomplish my goals I had for myself.  🙂 I am forever grateful for this man and his words of encouragement and selfless attitude he always showed me, even when at times I certainly didn’t deserve it.  I have learned a grate deal about myself, the encouragements and acts of kindness and love I was showed helped me along my path.  I am forever grateful, and amazed I met this man and he saw things within me that I wasn’t, for so many years able to recognize and believe.  I now sit typing this knowing a lot more about ME, my skills, my abilities and what I can do within my profession.  I started this year fearful and scared and full of anxieties for what could come.  Instead of seeing things with a child-like perspective… which is something I think we all are missing from our lives.  We need to see things as we once did as a child.  Open our eyes to everything around us, appreciate what is literally in front of us right now… because within a blink of an eye it can be gone.

So many lessons and so many trials I can say I have learned through this year.  I know this year has a lot of low, and down right sad moments, yet, I am encouraged by my attitude, my confidence and my self esteem that is still new to me… I am happy to say I am able to love myself, love my profession and know who I am as a woman.

I go into 2013 with my head up, proud of my accomplishments… this blog being one of them!  I started this blog on the very last day of February of this year…. I have just recently gotten 11,000+ views and with the new statistics I know that many are staying and utilizing my blog and I cannot even begin to find words to how that makes me feel.  I am ecstatic beyond measure and I am excited to see what next year will bring my “little blog that could” (I liken it to the Little Engine that Could…LOL) I recently suffered from some writers block… and finally found something to write about and manage to finish… posting two in the same day! I felt pleased with myself… just a little. 🙂

I started this blog with the mindset that I wanted to help gather details about skin care, hair removal processes and other Esthetic related things within the beauty world/industry but also allow it to adapt and change or make it what it needs to be.  I see how it’s being used and I am thrilled… beyond!  I am always hopeful that one day I will get more feedback… I LOVE hearing what you… my readers think!  If you would like more details or information about something I don’t have or if my facts don’t seem or appear right… I am very open to a challenge even.  I want it to be right.  I want it to be a tool for both professionals and the average person that is curious about a skincare/spa treatment and it appears it’s being used in just that manner!

Thank you for coming along on this adventure with me!  I truly hope you and your loved ones have the most amazing Christmas or Holiday celebration!!  AND May your New Year bring you happiness, great health, prosperity and back to my blog! 🙂

Thanks Again! – Jamie

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