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Expressed Emotions…

Amazing art. Tattoo and photograph.

**For the “EYE” Esthetically and Tattoo’s are also pertaining to skin**
Hope you like! 🙂


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This is a GREAT idea!!

“Quick I have a huge.

This blogger posted some really great advice on how to handle one of those lovely pimples that we seem to get… just before that occasion when we want nearly flawless skin…

Even yesterday, while working at the Threading KIOSK, my co-worker was talking about pimples… and I happily pulled this blog up, and read it to her… easy, and just about everyone has some form of tea… 🙂

Located in Romania… beautiful and creative jewelry art!

Translation Above Photo:

Hey guys,

how about a little Parisian air? :)


Translation Below Photo:

Cercelusilor length is 4.2 cm (without handles).

Price: 14.99 RON


**If you click on to check her page out, if you’re using Google Chrome you will get an option to translate to your specific language needed**

Handmade By Lory

Hey guys,

ce spuneti de putin aer parizian? 🙂


Turnuletele sunt din argint tibetan, margelele (cuburi si tuburi) sunt din hematit, iar accesoriile metalice sunt placate cu argint.

Lungimea cercelusilor este de 4.2 cm (fara tortite).


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Red Lipstick??? PART II (the results)


April 15, 2012

Hello ALL!!!

First… and foremost thank you all for taking the time and reading my previous post regarding my so called fear complex regarding red lipstick… just to let you all know… said fear… still there… but much more under control and I have found the way and was able to successfully dive in and I think I found decent results… I have shared a couple photos below with said lipstick… I think it turned out pretty well!

I greatly appreciated everyone that gave me insights and gave me hope that I could in fact do this.  Heck just by reading my post… it made me feel better.  I am sure some of you got a good chuckle… but… I still wonder how many of you ladies also have a little contempt or potential fear with regards to RED LIPSTICK too? Perhaps my post will help and afford you the embarrassment of having to ask for help in the near future?

regardless… I just wanted to follow up and say a great big HUGE thank you and send my appreciation out to you all for reading, liking and posting to my blog.  I really like having you all take the time to do so… it means a great deal and I hope to always make this blog helpful, worthwhile or at least entertaining!

Here’s wishing you all a great start to a new week! CHEERS!

Red Lipstick….???


April 10, 2012 (well just barely… by the time I finish this post it’ll most likely be April 11 after midnight… )

So… I have something coming up that calls for red lipstick… and to tell you the truth… it’s been ages since these lips (pointing to mine) have been touched by red lipstick.  I recall… if I put it on just right… it looks pretty damn good… but if I put the wrong shade and do it wrong… well… it’s just looks like I am a… well never mind!

I have been fearing Red Lipstick… how silly does that sound?!  But… it’s the truth!  I fear the red staining… the smearing… the fact that I might just muck it up and then it’s a pain in the arse to remove and start over… or at least that’s what I remember the very last time I tried wearing red lipstick.

You see… I don’t wear that much lipstick.  I do wear things to condition my lips… Carmex when I need something to sooth chapped lips, I LOVE my Hempz lip balm… some of the best stuff… In my opinion that is… good Ol’Chapstick is a great stand alone… I like things that are easy… and not messy.  Guess that’s the “Tomboy” in me still showing through?!

So I have been perusing he make-up isles and have found myself getting even more lost then I was before… who knew there was that many zillions of red lipsticks?! Seriously?! how many shades can there possibly be???  I mean RED is RED… what am I missing? I know that there is some that have more ‘orange’ tinting and some that have more brown tinting and some that cross into the pink colors and so on… but… come on… do we need a gazillion red lipsticks to get lost in ladies?!

So… now I am stuck! I need advise… I need to figure out what kind of lipstick will work for me… my color and skin that is.  I HATE orange tinted reds… UGH… it just makes me washed out… sickly!  This I do recall well!  The brown… I just feel… and I know I will insult someone… but I feel OLD.  Brown lipstick always makes me think of my grandma… just old.  Sorry… I know there is some beautiful shades of browns… but this old chick ain’t going anywhere near brown/red lipstick! Don’t try to tell or sell me on the reasons why… I already know Brown, khaki colors, dark jewel tones are suppose to be my ‘colors’ according to the color chart… when I went through Esthetics training… this was something we were all shown… of course lucky me… I got pegged I will quote one student… “Puke green color” Great… Jamie can ROCK the puke colors… that could have came in handy when my daughter was an infant… maybe I could have played those shades off better huh?? before you say it… I know.. I know… EWWWWE!

I digress.

So… I am thinking a deep blood red… or perhaps a pink-red.  But… I tend to fall into my norm… going towards the pinks and purple hues of the reds.  I think I might be brave… perhaps it’s time to step out of my comfort zone and go for the deep blood red… bright mate/gloss/shine??? that I am not so clear on… my lipstick and the red color will go along with a noir  theme… picture it: very old, black and white… late 1940’s early 1950’s maybe an early Marilyn Monroe-ish version of the lip color… although… I have a different shape… more… “Betty Boop-ish” shape… this is what worries me most… do I enhance the points… or play them down?

I know… such a strange post… but… alas this is what’s been hanging on inside this big head of mine… don’tcha just wonder what else is kicking around up there now??? You know you’re curious!!!

So… I have the next two days off… I am going to be searching out some decent shades… buuuuuut if you… yes you the person reading this ridiculous post!  If YOU have suggestions… I would love to hear them!  please… lay it on me! Advice advice advice… would love to hear anything you have to suggest… Red Lipstick is definitely out of my comfort zone… and the fact that I rarely wear lipstick in general… well… it’s something I could use!!

OH! Please keep in mind… I am budget conscience and therefore cannot and will not spend a LOT of money on said lipstick… so… with that being said…

What colors are your favorites?  Any suggestions on putting on or taking off? Any techniques you like?

so… if you have read this… i appreciate your time and hopefully you have some humor and can understand this little delima… of sorts.


Eliminate puffy eyes and droopy bags forever!

Eliminate puffy eyes and droopy bags forever!.

This is something I have been seriously been dealing with of late… thanks for the great tips and advise… I will be trying some soon!!!

I hope this comes in handy for anyone else that needs some tips for those unwanted puffy eyes and droopy bags…


Collateral Victims of Our Society …!!!

Collateral Victims of Our Society …!!!.



It’s definitely something worth checking out and taking note of… heart warming and worthwhile… it’s always heartbreaking to hear stories of children being left… but… these are the stories and projects we need to see, hear about and know about… pass this along and share it!  If you can… HELP!

Thanks for taking a look!!