If you’ve visited me… Please review my services:

This area I am going to leave more open.

I want to be able to have an open forum for ANYONE that has been treated by me already or will hopefully want to come see me in the future as well.

I want to ask if you plan to post a reply to this part of my blog that you only be honest, truthful and please don’t cut corners.  Details are great.  I want to know if I was a great Esthetician, and I am also want to know if I need improvement!  I know without solid knowledge in my abilities and knowing I am screwing up… I cannot improve and make the best experience possible for my clients.

SO please… by all means give it to me… obviously I HOPE that they will always be great… but, I will always be just as happy with someone being honest and telling me what I need to do to improve.  Please refrain from just being mean.  I like to know I need improvements, however, we all have to deal with so much negativity in this big world… I just don’t want my blog to become a sporting event to put me or others down.

So… please let me know what it is I did, the service that is. When it was, what you liked, anything you enjoyed… please feel free to say what you want.  If there could be room for improvement… please tell me! I am ready for the good and the bad!


I will be placing an additional page for you to review Spas, Estheticians in your particular area and places to miss and places to definitely make sure we visit and whom to ask for!!! So please feel free to use that part of my blog too! I want this to be user friendly and add to everyone’s experience, not just me and my own benefits, I want to help others in my profession as well!

So thank you everyone for taking the time to give me your critiques. 🙂


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