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Some new Likes of mines…


McKee Jewelry Designs… from her web site:
“A collection of Handmade Artisan jewelry, statement jewelry, exotic artisan jewelry, unique handcrafted jewelry, wearable art jewelry with mixture of textures. I hand create each item. I started this business with a dream in 2011. I have had over thousand sales and 100 % positive feedback.  The components I work with are  copper, bronze, sterling silver, bronze and brass. Most of my pieces are made Gemstones, Semi precious stones and Ceramic beads.”

I will tell you she has a great eye for what she is doing, she isn’t apposed to making something just for you or that special someone.  She has won awards and been published in several magazines about jewelry and design.  She has a great artistic “flair”!

Please make sure to check out her page and if you like, share! 🙂

Blue bracelet jewelry, dragonfly, semi precious stone, crystal, copper   Gold Bracelet.Gold Orchid Flower with gold chain and clasp. Fine jewelry.  Aged Verdigris Patina Butterfly Necklace with Antique Brass Chain. Nature, woodland Inspired.   Hearts. Bali sterling silver ear wires and antiqued silver  heart charms.Copper wire wrapped, Czech glass and carved white Bone Earrings. Feather, leaves.


above are just some of her beautiful works of art!




I am sure you might have heard about essential oils at some point in your life? Sometimes they seem to have some good value, but, often times there isn’t much help when we are looking at the daunting list in stores or hearing about them to know what to get for what ails us and what it will do and product details.

I was recently introduced to DoTERRA Essential Oils by a very dear person I have known nearly all my life.  She is the kind of person that will not stand up for something unless she knows it’s value and what it will and can do.

Her family has been using these oils, and I don’t think she will mind if I say that they fight with a lot of allergies and issues that can make certain family members very ill if they are in contact with said allergens.  These oils have been used successfully with her two kids and husband and have good results!

I have been introducing some of the oils to my clientele and they have loved them!

Please, if you are curious, or want to see what they can do for you… check out her Facebook page:

and educate yourself about what they can do for you!




Quote from their web site:
“ is an online coffee business dedicated to providing customers with the best gourmet coffees. Our vast selection of flavored coffee and flavored decaf coffee includes almost every flavor imaginable. All of our flavored coffees are small batch roasted to offer high-quality freshness. We roast and ship the same day, so you’ll be enjoying your special cup of gourmet coffee in no time. Thank you for choosing as your top choice for coffee!”

My personal experience with this company is GREAT! I ordered the man I have been dating his favorite coffee, which he introduced me to months prior… Blueberry Coffee (if you love blueberries… this is definitely YOUR coffee!! Try it with the Caramel creamer… YUM!!) I ordered the 5 pound bag, I don’t know coffee, but, I know this was what he loves.  So… I was on a mission.  Initially I thought… what kind of company calls their Flavored Coffee company “Flavored Coffee”!!  I mean… a bit un-creative… LOL, but, what they lack in creative name calling, they make up for in flavor!!!
I totally recommend them!

When I ordered the coffee,  I felt a bit uneasy because the page never updated with status showing if they had “mailed” my package to me.  I called, after 3 days.  They were “too busy” – which honestly, I was a bit nervous, but, I followed the directions that the voice recording said, which advised me to leave my details and a number to reach me back at.  I did.  About 2 hours later I received a callback from a customer service representative, she was extremely friendly, and gave me all my details, had information ready for me even before I asked. She advised me the tracking showed that the package had in fact been delivered that morning!

I would highly recommend this company and I think what they are selling is a very good quality coffee!  The flavors are good and if you are in need of a certain odd or unusual coffee flavored bean, this just might be your company!

 Blueberry Flavored Coffee (1lb)        Bananas Foster Flavored Coffee (1lb bag)      Egg Nog Flavored Coffee (1lb bag)

There are so many more… but this gives you an idea!