Greetings! My name is Jamie, I am a licensed Esthetician in the state of Washington, U.S.A., I love my profession and I hope this blog will help you see what it is I am currently doing in my career, what I am in love with or I currently like, what I want to try or buy, things I’m wishing for and just anything I find that I want to share with you all!

I hope you will enjoy my blog and let me know what you think… good or bad! I can only improve when I know I need to do something else to change it up a bit!

So please exercise your knowledge and share with me anything you think I might like… I appreciate any and all involvement!

Physical location I am currently providing services at a cute shop called:

Beauty by Tara Lee
1703 Broadway
Vancouver, WA

We currently are offering:

  • Threading
  • Full Body Waxing
  • Back Facial Treatments
  • Mircrodermabrasions
  • Mini and Regular Facials
  • Brow & Lash tinting
  • we are soon adding additional spa services!


I currently provide mobile services, I offer services for groups, parties and individuals. You can call or text me directly at:  (360-513-5120) for prices and quotes for the services you would like. My fees are very competitive for my mobile services please contact me for further details, most of my mobile clients enjoy the idea of me coming to them and having the service performed in the comfort of their homes and find my experience and great customer service a great attribute!  I currently live in Woodland, WA, however, I offer mobile services to as far north as Longview/Kelso and throughout the rural area surrounding my home area like: Amboy, Yale, Yacolt, Ridgefield, La Center etc. Please let me know if you have any questions!



    • I am listed as “Jamie Hatfield-Taylor” on my Facebook account. Thank you. I will be watching out for you so I can approve you. I truly appreciate your replies on your page/blog. I am still pretty new, and love learning – anything, but, when it’s this… I find it so fun… like I am a kid in a “candy store” all the fun exciting things I can learn and do! 🙂

  1. Hi Jamie,
    My name is Les im 25 and I am going to esthetician school in August. I am excited but worried because I am 4’11 and worried about not being able to do facials. I really want to be an esthetician but I keep thinking about my height. Does height matter are there short estheticians? Ive looked on the internet but I can’t find any information. I dont know any estheticians who I can ask. Thank You

    • Hi Les!
      Welcome to the Esthestics World… thank you for asking your question. I am sure there is more then you that might wonder this… regardless of why. 🙂
      In answer to your concerns… YES YES YES! Absolutely!! You can certainly be an Esthetician and a great one as a matter of fact at ANY height!!
      Actually, I have often thought that on certain procedures a shorter person (I am 5′ 7 1/2″ tall) can do some things a little bit easy, perhaps then someone a bit taller.
      In one of my current jobs, (for example) I do threading all day long, the chairs are unkind to anyone that is working with said clients, however, being a little taller person I feel the effects often a bit faster, because I am bending at a far deeper incline then my co-worker that is quite a bit shorter then me. I am sorry… I am not sure of her exact height measurements, but, I think it’s safe to say she is probably only approx. 5 feet tall…
      I also know that in most occasions when dealing with a facial for example… you will be seated during the duration of said procedure. A back treatment, for example might cause a bit more creativity on your part. Perhaps a very low step-up, if you are familiar with an exercise devise used during “Stepping Classes”?? They have a very low wide and rectangle stepping platform and you can build up from this first position… this might be a really great example of being a little more creative with regards to the few moments you might need just a slight boost in height.
      I think, for the most part, during the actual training, you should be able to figure out and accomplish any modifications or think about what you will do once you are in the actual field of practice, depending on what you choose to do for with your Esthetics training.
      But, just to reiterate, YES! You can definitely be a great Esthetician at any height!! I cannot see too many occasions that your being short would create a major or even minor hinderence in your overall job performance.
      One this to note, most of the procedures are always performed when our clients are relaxed, most often eyes closed and laying back in a reclined position, so they most likely won’t even care that you have some form of modification you are utilizing… in fact they probably won’t even know.
      I hope you find this useful and if you have any other questions or concerns… please, by all means ask away!!
      Thank you for reading, utilizing and visiting my blog!
      Best Wishes Les!

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