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from my person blog. thank you for reading. Peace ūüôā

so… apparently Ima EXPRESSIONLESS model… *sigh* really?

From my personal blog… I am appreciate you taking time to read it! always nice knowing someone is! ¬†

Have a great one! ūüôā

so… apparently Ima EXPRESSIONLESS model… *sigh* really?.

Catching up…

It’s been a while since I have sat down and been able to think about writing something in my professional blog… heck it’s been a month since I posted in my personal blog as well! ¬†Things… have been crazy I suppose is a good adjective for what August was. ¬†That’s probably not the greatest of reasons… but… maybe after I attempt to explain in my ramblings… you will accept my craziness as a decent excuse?

So… let’s see… towards the end of July (as you may have read in a previous post) I gained a new JOB #2! ¬†I am still happily working away at On The Fringe hair studio and spa in Vancouver, Washington and I cannot say enough great things about my new Job #2! ¬†It was definitely the best choice for me and I have no regrets with my decision with quitting my threading job at the mall for this position. ¬†Life certainly throws you curve balls at moments when you aren’t quite sure if you should go left or right… if you should lead or stay in the crowd… you just truly have to follow that gut instinct and I did… and I am so pleased that I did! ¬†Working at this salon has made my desire and passion for my career come back and a new light has awakened with me! ¬†I am regretful that I allowed my job at the mall to darken my path even for a few moments let along months… before I finally was able to get away!

I am happily fitting in well with the staff and building a great clientele base. ¬†I have serviced several of the stylists clients as well as many of my previous clients from the mall have slowly started to find me at my new location… in fact a few that either lost my contact details or they weren’t able to learn about my departure until after I was gone still managed to get my details after calling and bugging a few of the employees at the KIOSK until they finally broke and either got told exactly where to go to find me or they were given my contact details to reach me directly! ¬†I must admit… it’s a nice feeling knowing I made that much of an impact on someone that they were willing to go that far to still want to keep using me! ¬†It does make me feel important and special! ¬†Definitely puts a little swagger in my step at moments! LOL!!

So my professional part of me is starting to get better… each and every day I am at that place and in Woodland at the local salon I am feeling more in touch with my career and happier… more the way it felt when I first started! It is amazing when someone or something can place such a horrible weight on your shoulders that you start to question why… I am glad I was able to get away from said job and moved onto something bigger, better and a place I can definitely expand my¬†proverbial¬†wings!

My new boss, Tina is amazing… she really seems real and has taken me under her wing and helped me build a good start to my clientele… her clients seem to really like my work and the threading has given me a nice niche in the Esthetics world… something she can brag about and talk up that isn’t available hardly anyplace else around!!

Things are great professionally…. personally… hahahaha… that’s another thing. ūüė¶

I have learned much about myself in the past 4 months since a significant change occurred and I am learning why now I can truly appreciate said break… it wasn’t what I wanted or desired. ¬†But, at the end of the day, I do understand and I hope he will always know my belief will never change. ¬†I understand the rock and a hard place we were and are within… it’s not a fair position we were placed within… but… for now, we are being who we need to be and that is what is important… we have to take care of ourselves and just believe…. and know in our hearts what will pass shall pass and all good things aren’t necessarily ever over, they just change and get better… eventually…. or not? ūüėČ I just know without said persons support, wisdom and comfort and the big pushes made with me… I’m not quite sure I’d be where I am or believe what I sincerely do believe! ¬†I am a product of my environment and what I have experienced, felt, touched, tasted and I am forever grateful for every single good, or bad thing that has came into my life… these things have helped to create the fantastic woman I am right now! And the even better woman I will develop into as the years come to pass.

Turning 40 was definitely something I am happy about… I wasn’t sure what to think and feel when that number approached me back in May, but, I can attest that I am happy being 40. ¬†I am even happier that most don’t even think i appear 40… most seem to guess around 35 and that’s more then okay with me! ¬†Anytime I appear younger is great! ¬†Which means I am doing something right… I am happy with myself and loving me.

This summer… the summer of 2012 was a pivotal change for me… for my professional life as well as my personal life. ¬†I have seen and experienced much in my 40 years…. and I am grateful for each experience. ¬†Good or bad, liking them or not at the time… they have all molded me into ME. ¬†That being said… I do not think personally or professionally I would be where I am right now if it weren’t for a few amazing people that helped me create the ME I am right now… and I want to thank them all…
You all are so incredibly important to me and my successes… when I have failed you have been there encouraging me and when I succeeded you were the people that I thought about first and wanted nothing more then to share my success with most of all. ¬†There is one extremely special individual that I was not able to share this with… my successes that is… yet. ¬†But, time seems to have a great way of showing me that anything is possible… and I think just as everything serves a time, place and need… I will have that day… until then, I am and forever remaining on my path of greatness I have set for myself and I will continue to challenge myself every single day to be the best I can be. ¬†I want these people to always be proud of me and I want to always be held accountable for my successes and failures… I own then both…

So… as Fall seems to be approaching at warp speed… I can only hope that this new year I have in front of me will be full of the best, most amazing adventures, that I will continue to be challenged and come through for myself and continue on with my happiness. ¬†I will never surrender and I will never give up on ANY of my dreams…

As I close this post… I am left to reflect on the date… 9.11.2012… 11 years since my perspective changed… I think being raised within a country that provides so much automatic freedoms we become lack-luster and maybe not appreciate everything we have available to and for us… 11 years ago that started to slowly change for me. ¬†I started to do the “stop and smell the Roses” thing much more often… I started to realize what being vulnerable meant and could mean… fear had a different set of rules… but, with time, we all start to get back to a similar routine of our daily lives… and forget… I will never ever again forget how much I have to be grateful for… this past year reminds me of the important things I hold true to myself… I don’t need all the materialistic things to be happy… this I have learned… sure it’s incredibly nice to have such things… but… truly… it’s not necessary.

I live in a very small place, actually, many might claim it as being extremely meager… yet, I have experienced more in this place I call my home then I can ever begin to acknowledge. ¬†The love, the emotions, passion and memories I have surrounding me… they will continue to inspire me and help me every single day of my journey.

I hope you all had time to breath today and smile… and just be. ¬†There IS truly so much that surrounds us that never should ever be taken for granted. ¬†Never walk by without taking that first glance… because that first glance may be all you ever get.

okay… sorry… I was getting deep… had to have my moment I suppose.

I am once again, very sorry for the delay and I hope you at least enjoyed my retrospective of my past month and my ramblings about all things ME. ¬†LOL…

I have some great ideas floating around in my head about posts I plan to create very soon… and I promise they will be much sooner then a month from now! So hang in there and thank you for reading and I hope my blog has been useful for you… If you have any suggestions of people, places, ideas or anything Esthetically pleasing… please by all means let me know! I’d be happy to share it with my world!!!

Happy Tuesday Evening everyone! Peace out!

one of my favorite quotes

so very true…

I really love this song… Jason Mraz is one of my current favs… hope you enjoy! ūüôā
seemed fitting…

Thanks Again for taking the time for reading!



It’s an honor and much appreciation… BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT HAS READ THIS BLOG!



Not long ago I was given a very sweet honor of being nominated for TWO blog awards!!! I am posting today to let you know I, in fact was awarded them BOTH!!! YEAH ME!!! and Yeah to my little blog that could…

Since the very end of February I have been slowly adding posts and gaining readers and my little blog that started out with one amazing persons encouragement (acknowledgments will follow below) I believed and begin this journey.

As it currently stand as I am writing this blog I have nearly (and I do mean NEARLY) 3500 reads to my blog… I have 20 people that have subscribed to my blog and I know I have others that stop in and read when they can… THANK YOU EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR FOR MAKING MY BLOG and me feel so important!! I wasn’t sure where and what I’d do in a couple months… but… It’s going strong and I am overwhelmed with the readers that I have collected from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Places like Australia, Canada, the United States (obviously… lol), England, India, China, Japan, Germany, Romania,¬†Dubai, Africa, Russia… and the list goes on and on… I am always wearing a smile seeing where all my amazing readers are from!!! It truly satisfaction and an award just knowing so many people are actually reading my blog!

Recently I have also been finding that more and more people have used my blog and found ME at my two jobs… I find it so thrilling and flattering that my little blog has helped someone discover new techniques, learn new things that have helped their quality of skincare!!!

So again… thank you everyone!

The two awards are:

“One Lovely Blog”


“Versatile Blogger”


I want this space to be dedicated to the one person that helped me start this blog in the first place. ¬†He was and IS my inspiration and the one person (besides my child) I cherish most in this world. ¬†He pushed me to create this blog, when I wasn’t confident or sure of much. ¬†I have had many issues and battles to overcome, this person has always been my rock, my support, my source for comfort and love. ¬†I intend to always make sure this man will forever know just how very important and special he will always remain in my heart and life.


The rules for receiving these awards are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

The awards I was given were nominated by http://skingoodness.net/
I definitely want to give a HUGE thanks to her and make a point:
that IF you haven’t read her blog… it’s a definite must read/see!

2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

1. I can pinch REALLY ‘good & damn hard’ with just using my toes! ūüôā
2. I currently have 4 shades of color  in my hair (besides the natural and bleach)
3. I can pat my belly and rub my head AND rub my belly and pat my head!
4. I want to live on a S. Pacific Island; sun, sand and a hammock!
5.  I model professionally on the side for fun!
6. I use to weight well over 400 pounds.
7. I have competed locally, statewide and nationally on the back of a horse, as a young girl. 

3. Nominate 8 for the One Lovely Blog Award and
15 for the Versatile Blogger Award…
Nominations for the awards are:

1. http://heatherdecker.wordpress.com/ (one lovely blog & versatile blogger)
2. http://sunnysleevez.wordpress.com/ (one lovely blog & versatile blogger)
3. http://skinbycarrielorrain.wordpress.com/ (one lovely blog & versatile blogger)
4. http://sarahonthego.com/ (one lovely blog & versatile blogger)
5. http://selfprofessedproductobsessed.wordpress.com/ (one lovely blog & versatile blogger)
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7. http://sorinphotography.com/ (one lovely blog & versatile blogger)
8. http://handmadebylory.wordpress.com/ (one lovely blog & versatile blogger)
9. http://nvpsarabouamra.wordpress.com/ (versatile blogger)
10. http://mergimeberisha.wordpress.com/ (versatile blogger)
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15. http://beautynthebrains.wordpress.com/ (versatile blogger)



I hope you enjoy… not much… just me and my personal update… just felt like sharing with my little world…
thanks for reading me!!
let happiness shine…. you’re amazing, and the most AWESOMENESS!! ūüôā

“I like turtles….”

“I like turtles….”.

Just a little from my personal blog today… been a busy girl… with tons of things happening… but… I’m still ME…
Full of emotions… passion and my loves…

Enjoy. and Thanks for reading… if you’re interested…

‚ÄúHere‚Äôs to being Happier‚Ķ Always & Forever.‚ÄĚ


New control, adventure and happiness!

It’s been a while since I have posted anything… and my apologies goes out to you all. ¬†I have questionable excuses at best… I’d like to tell you it’s due to my non-stop busy-ness and my go go go life… and at times… it does feel that way, but, honestly, I have found time to blog in my personal matters in my personal blog… I have just, it seems, stared down this blog, I have attempted several blogs, get iratated and eventually delete it or walk away from said unfinished potential master piece (seriously kidding on the master piece portion)… so today… I am going to let you in on what’s happening professionally these days… which, I think is a huge turning point for me… both professionally and personally I suppose as well.

A few months back around mid-April a couple clients at the threading KIOSK job in the mall mentioned to me that I should look into a company called “Plum District” – they are much like Groupon and Living Social, however, they are just for mom’s with small businesses, they promote your business on their blog as well as offer coupon/advertisement on their official business web site. ¬†This was something I kept tossing around in my thick stubborn skull for the past few months… looking into it finally and finally reaching out and making contact only to find it was taking a very long time for anyone to reach me. ¬†So I waited… patiently… and that’s a big¬†obstacle¬†for me at moments… so I give myself kudos for that part at least.

So after waiting a couple weeks with no response I resubmitted another request and in about a week I was finally emailed something from a regional manager and then we eventually were in contact. ¬†Things that started out slow started ramping up… so to speak.

I spoke with the lady, Rhonda, she was very kind and extremely helpful. ¬†She and I through out ideas and then I was advised to create my price list and then she would create some mock ups and then send me them for final approval. ¬†Eventually they will be online via Plum District and when they are I will be certain to advise you all on it…

I have essentially signed the contract, now I am just waiting for the mock-ups and to get the “ball rolling” — I am hopeful it will hit the web by early this week… VERY excited and very nervous… this could be huge things for my little business… or could tell me I need to walk away and try something else… I hope it’s the first!!! I REALLY believe in this and I believe in myself and I know my abilities and what I can do!!!

Things have been crazy and insane at job #2 and this is one of the many reasons why I have chosen to finally step off the ledge and take the plunge… I know I have feared things way too long in both my personal and business life… and I am truly pushing myself and trying to make myself see what someone once attempted to show me… he was my light and my¬†guidance¬†for a very good portion of my new “life” – I may have destroyed that with this man… but… I am here to tell him and you that I am learning from my mistakes… TRULY learning… not just saying so and not following through… which we all do way too much… talk is hugely cheap… it’s time to step up and take the bull by the¬†proverbial¬†horns and pull him the the ground for once and for all… because THIS IS MY LIFE… MY BUSINESS AND I AM going to do something that will make ME proud of ME!

It doesn’t go without saying that if it wasn’t for this incredibly man/person that helped give me the mental and physical push I desperately needed I personally know I would still be caged, in extreme fear and waiting for someone to screw me up once more. ¬†I need to thank this person… he made my life better… and I think he knows it… but… I will forever be grateful and I will never go a day without mentally thanking him. ¬†AND wishing, hoping and believing that one day we will have something more again… but, that’s a different story… no today, right now… I am here to say thank you to him. ¬†You know who you are and many also know of this amazing person. ¬†He is something that I will never be able to let go of… to know this man is to love him in some capacity. ¬†He swept in like the most amazing wind… that not only filled my life with hope, passion and love… but also showed me who I really can be… who I was, and that my stubborn streak was in denial in allowing that true ME out to play.

He also made it possible for me to have a business in the first place. ¬†He gave me the backing, both¬†monetarily, but also mentally…. always and forever pushing me to see what I had right here in front of me… and reminding me I cannot fix things that have already happened… and that I need not worry about what will happen in the future… to only think about the now… the present. ¬†Be conscience of what was happening right now. ¬†I am sorry to admit I didn’t always see eye to eye with him on this… I played like I did… but… deep down… I needed to figure it out I suppose on my own stubborn self. ¬†2 months ago I had to start facing it on my own… so to speak. ¬†Realizing no one but yourself can do it for you… I faced myself in that¬†proverbial¬†mirror….¬†¬†and I didn’t like what I was seeing. ¬†I forced myself to see the fears and bullshit I was clinging to so hard for so long that was truly destroying my here and now… and what may have destroyed what might have been my ONE true love… that’s what really made me fight back and show the world… me included and yes… even him that I am not a quitter and I am not too stubborn and full of myself to see I am a work in progress… I need a lot of learning… and I have made myself conquer fears and face them full on and do with with a smile on my face… I am here today to tell you I am proud of what I have accomplished in the past 2 months… will that bring him back to me? that’s not why I am telling you all this… granted in the beginning I was doing it for him… obviously for me as well… but… somewhere along the way I felt the light bulb click on and I suddenly “got it” — I still want to show him… I would still love for him to share my world with me… but… I know in the end he showed me things that I will forever hold deeply as a special and most important life lesson.

We cannot always control everything… but, we can attempt to make ourselves better in the environment we live, and breath in. ¬†This goes with our personal life and professional life.

Regardless if we want to separate our professional and personal lives… they intertwine… it’s natural… and I almost think a bit human. ¬†But, what we can do is control the here and now and how we react to that said environment. ¬†I have learned to smile at adversity and believe and listen to that deep down voice that has always been there attempting to show and guide me on the right path… you know the one… that most of you neglect and refuse to listen to… I was one of the stubborn ones that refused to hear it for many many many years… well I listen to my inner diva now… I have embraced her and therefore embraced ME and I LOVE me and I am proud of me… that goes for my business and personal life…

Granted I do regret a few things… it’s not good to regret… this I know… but… I also know I am human and I am trying. ¬†I am truly 100% trying… this isn’t something I could honestly admit to a few months back. ¬†and I can say I am a bit angry and pissed off at that ME for being so obtuse and stubborn for so freaking long! I refused to be happy… because…. well… honestly… this is going to sound like a real royal asinine excuse but…. for some reason I had it in my head that it was unfair to be happy if WE both couldn’t be happy… course… in my stupid¬†naivety¬†I neglected the other part of this equation… one that I should have never done so… the other human being that was in this with me… he needed my support as much as I needed his… I broke my part… I became this self-absorbed whiny bitchy person that when I look back… who the hell could blame anyone for needing to walk away from me… I would have! Seriously. I forced myself to take that very hard look and walk back over myself… not for a punishment purpose but… just to help me realize my own idiocy and acknowledge my wrong doings… and identify them and know I will never do said things again.

That being said… and going back to my professional life… this all bleeds back and forth from personal vs professional… it just does. ¬†We try not to allow it… but… when we have a bad day at work… and we try to desensitize ourselves before we are around our loved ones… it doesn’t always work… then when we have issues in personal life… drama happens… it’s life… we try not to take it to work… but guess what?! WE DO!

Here’s something I have learned… I cannot change my historically fantastic mistakes I have made over the past several months… obviously I’d be lying if I said I didn’t ever wish I could take them back… but… guess what… I cannot… you cannot… it’s just not going to happen. ¬†So… we have to move forward and learn. ¬†Take it with that¬†proverbial¬†grain of salt and learn… LEARN from your mistake and you are better for it. Smile through it… smiling improves our days… as hard as it is to lift those lips on your face… it’s actually a healthy thing to do… TRY IT!

SEE… told you!

Take a nice deep breath and realize each day is a new day and we are free to make ourselves better… make ourselves into the people we have set out to be. ¬†We just seem to let that asshole bosses words pull you back and loose momentum… just believe in your self worth and what you bring to the table. ¬†If you are right inside… then SHOW IT. When you have a bad drive into work… before you work with your clients, answer the phone or anything else… step back… do something¬†cathartic¬†and realize it wasn’t anything you did… and you cannot fix that persons¬†disposition… but you can fix or adjust yours. ¬†If that client runs off at the mouth, is in a fowl mood, goes off on you because you pulled one too many hairs or just plain is hateful… just realize one important thing…
WHICH IS: You’re not her/him… you can smile… you can take a deep breath and know…. you aren’t them stuck in that nasty¬†disposition¬†and unhappy existence and the only thing they did for you is to show you who you don’t need to be like, act like or worry about…

In the end… we control a little bit of our days… let that control be good control… don’t hold yourself back due to some¬†unforeseen, future fears that haven’t happened yet… just do it! Just smile through your pain and realize we make us who we want to be… NO ONE ELSE CONTROLS US.

Thanks for reading… and I will be updating soon with more details on my business adventure!!!


I leave you with a couple of my favorite quotes… and what I am looking like (somewhat) these days… yes, I put much more ‘color’ into the hair… there’s actually 4 colors besides the bleach and my natural color!

Live Happier… ūüôā