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REVIEWS for SPAS, Salons, and Professionals in the business…

I am wanting you to take your time and give me details about your visits to your favorite spots… the best Salons, Spas and the professionals you have come into contact with!

I want to provide these details for anyone to use, and maybe it will help you find a great location and professional that might have otherwise been overlooked without your help.

If you had a bad experience, please feel free to critique, however, please do not be mean.  Just let us know what you thought without bashing and being vulgar.  If there is anything nasty or vulgar I will have to delete your posts, and I truly don’t want to do that.

Please give the information about the professionals, the Spas, the salons and anything else you liked.  The item on the menu you tried and have tired and what you liked about it.  Tell us why you’d definitely go back… and Maybe something you would like to try when you DO go back the next time! I would like to give shout outs to the great professionals and I hope this page will one day do this as well!

Thanks for taking the time!!!