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Quantum – The End

Something Esthetically pleasing to ones eye… 🙂

Beautiful photographs that are full of emotion, heart, creativity and are just simple amazing to look at.

These are photographs that need displaying on a beautiful wall in someone’s amazing home… these are truly works of art.

If you have the time… please take it and check this photographers blog out… you won’t be sorry… the creativity he displays is inspiring.

Enjoy! 🙂

Quantum – The End.


Expressed Emotions…

Amazing art. Tattoo and photograph.

**For the “EYE” Esthetically and Tattoo’s are also pertaining to skin**
Hope you like! 🙂


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Defining a day off?

My Drabble for today… March 6, 2012

So… I have had a few days recently that I had off… today was a good day off.  I was able to “breath” and consciously acknowledge “It’s my day off”.  But, do you ever stop and think… what the hell am I suppose to do on my day off? I mean… yeah I know what I SHOULD be doing… and for the most part I get that “stuff” done. My laundry is folded and nearly put away, my trash is taken out, my place is picked up… it’s not perfection, but, it’s decent.

I guess what I am saying is when you get into a routine of working and a mindset of working… I often find myself having an issue… maybe that’s not the right way of describing it… it’s not a BAD problem… it’s just this thing inside me that I need to remind myself “HEY YOU! it’s your day off… do something for YOU!” Decompress, find some peace and sanctuary for a few moments… take a nap… which is always on my list “to do” yet, I never seem to have that one checked off.  I wake up on my days off with this grandiose list in my head and by mid-day I am rethinking half of what I aspired to do that morning… UGH!

By the time 5 p.m. rolls around I am defeated… and wishing I still had that damn nap! Why can’t I wake without said list and just go with the flow… follow the day and see where it takes me… like a huge sail, letting the wind hit me and push me where I should go?! OH wait! I know… because I’m not a beautiful poem and this is REALITY! DUH!

I woke this morning… thinking I am going to go to the grocery store, but, then decided we had enough groceries to start the week… need to use up that stuff first… hate wasting food. Then I stopped in the laundry room and got my one load of BLACK clothing for my work week started… ran my daughter to school, stopped at the dollar store… that place… geez! I know… it’s a $1 store… and it feels like I am saving tons… but… NOT when I walk out of there spending $10! I have 10 items and then I find myself questioning why the hell did I buy what I purchased?! UGH… buyers remorse for the dollar store… really?

Before my day off started, last night, in fact, I purchased my weekly Washington State Lotto ticket and my one Power Ball ticket… I take $3 a week and buy these tickets… HEY! I girl can dream!!! then I spend the next hour… thinking about all the things I would do if I won the BIG jackpot… all the people I’d help… all the “pay it forwards” I would make… all the waitresses and bartenders I’d give HUGE fat tips to… just to give them a good night… all the homeless I’d feed… (and yes, I know, the cynical people would argue I am buying them another drink… but… honestly… if it gets them through another night, warm and toasty… then so be it, why shouldn’t they be happy too?!), my family I’d love to help and all the people I would just help… just because. I think about this… I think how fun it would be to be standing in the line to get my coffee in the morning and then giving the cashier enough money to cover several peoples orders behind me… just cause.  Pay for the peoples meals that came after me at dinner time.

Then of course I dream bigger… I think about all the places I’d want to visit… the things I want in my life… the love of my life that I miss daily… The VERY first thing I’d do is fly him home first class all the way… and then he and I would vanish for like a month… be hold up on some amazing warm tropical island with hardly anyone around… very little technology… just him and I and just time…

I have dreams beyond that… but that usually makes me giggle a bit and makes me feel good… for a little while.

Then I tune into Hulu TV, since I have NO T.V. reception at all… none… zip… nodda! I catch up on the shows I haven’t been able to watch for a few days… I am addicted to a few shows out there right now… Smash, Once upon a Time, Pan Am, Law & Order SVU, Revenge, Ringer, Hart of Dixie, Grimm, Whitney, Top Chef, Kitchen Nightmares, Anything Project Runway, Hot in Cleveland, and a few others… So after I watch a few too many and get bored with that… I blog a bit… read up and catch up on a few I follow… try to comment on the things I like or think I might know a little about… I try not to get into the “Facebook” trap and spend a few hours there… I only allow myself a small amount at a time… too easy to fall into that! Then… I sit…

Then I get the happy Skype or Yahoo video call from my man! Happiness! That makes my entire day!!! when the internet is working in our favor and we can spend a few hours catching up and just seeing one another… he is my calm and my comfort.  I always find myself at such peace and happiness when we have this time… and then I become this blubbering water works chick when it’s time to say goodbye! I swear… I am not the cry-baby girl… but… apparently of late… I am! LOL… I have my good short cry and then I can think again…I start to think about tomorrow… work! Then the strangest thought comes into play (I read this very interesting blog on Sunday, it was an amazing photographer, he posted a blog regarding numbers and them being a beautiful thing ((http://sorinphotography.com/2012/03/05/challenging-your-imagination-numbers/))… and then I started to think…) “I wonder how many eyebrow hairs I thread or pull in one shift?” hmmm… that will keep me ‘going’ for a while…

and now… now it’s 7:47 p.m. Monday night… My daughter has finished her homework… it’s the calm before the storm… tomorrow begins early… getting her up and ready for school, me up and ready for work at the mall… I am still wondering how many hairs I thread in one single day?  I know odd thought… but… still kind of interesting nonetheless…

and I still didn’t get that nap! lol!!!