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From my person blog…

It’s my 40th birthday today… and I am trying to reflect, remain positive and believe…

I hope today will be good…

I just wanted to share and wish everyone a wonderful Sunday…

Be well!



Excuse me, how do I get to Starbucks?

Dribble-Drabble Friday, May 18, 2012

Greetings!  I haven’t written much personal on my esthetics page… so much has been happening in my “personal” life… I haven’t felt much like writing about work related problems these days or work related things… they are taking a back seat to my personal matters… I suppose that’s an appropriate thought? Perhaps?

Today was a good day.  I felt the desire to share…

I worked the 9:30-6 p.m. shift today… I was only scheduled for two days this week… I sort of put my foot down and said I wouldn’t be working this weekend!  You see I turn 40, and I personally didn’t want to spend the next two days… threading eyebrows, lips, and facial areas on strangers… it just didn’t seem appropriate to celebrate my big day attending to others… I have worked the majority of my past birthdays… that is when I was employed.  I have only been unemployed maybe 5 total years since I was 14 years old… so… working through my birthday holiday has always been something I have done.  Not this year… I am trying things differently in my life… placing myself first, trying to at least.  My heart still remains a fixer, and wanting… no desiring to fix? Maybe… but be there for the ones I choose to love and desire to be near… I do feel better when I am helping others.  I am learning it’s not always healthy to always be this kind of person and not think about yourself first… “Self-preservation” wasn’t something that was taught readily as I grew up… so it’s been something I am trying hard to realize. I believe I am finally coming around… “seeing the light” so to speak.

So… I have become a “big fish” in the small fish bowl… I liken to call that damn KIOSK at the mall… (I actually call it the “Fish Bowl” – because no matter where you stand, look, you cannot hide… you are always having eyes on you… from the sides, above you from the top floor of said mall… there IS no hiding) It feels good to be “loved” by so many… I suppose I can feel the self-confidence that I have built within myself… I am sure not the girl that started back in December… I am self-assured, confident in my abilities and it shows… and it feels AMAZING!!!

So just to assure all you Newbie Estheticians out in the big bad world… hang in there… just because you had a bad day… even if you are ready to rethink what you are doing with your life… take a really deep breath and believe! It will pass and your confidence will come and you will become amazing! You will find your happiness and it will show! Trust me!

I knew my lovely fun shaded hair would come in handy… LOL!!! Today it was very evident… typically, you see I tend to have a few more days scheduled during the regular work-week and therefore most of these clients that seem to want me to only mess with their hair removed can come at different times during said week… well… not this week.  I had mentioned as much as I could that I would only be here Thursday and Friday this week… given yesterdays SLOW day… I had a few of my regulars, but, nothing to write home about… figured people got busy.  No worries… well damn! Today… HA HA HA!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! I showed up, to open said KIOSK, and I had 3 people already there… I had to hurry, ready myself, and get them signed in… by the time I was ready to take the first client, another 4 of my regulars came and signed in.  Before 12:30 I had already seen more then 10 clients!  only 3 were new!  My second chair showed up… yet, that didn’t seem to change some of their minds… they still waited, patiently often times up to 30 to 40 minutes to have me thread their brows… honestly… I couldn’t have needed such a boost more then I needed today!  It really helped my day go by so quickly, being so busy… but it also helped me feel happy within… that I finally “made it” — I am feeling that inner feeling that I have been trying to find.  It’s such a difficult thing to describe… but… a light-bulb went off and I finally “got it”.

I am GOOD! I cannot tell you how difficult that one small sentence has always been to say… silly huh?  I fear that if I “brag” about myself… that I will somehow end up showing face and manage to screw things up… sadly, this one thing… has followed me my entire life… and possibly has really messed up my personal life.  I hope it can be repaired… eventually.  But, I can happily say I “get it” — be proud of ones ability isn’t bragging… on the contrary… it’s confidence… something of which I have sorely had very little nearly my entire life.  Never allow someone tell you you aren’t enough… Never take a back-handed compliment… only accept what you deserve!

All day I can honestly say I only had one person that didn’t tip me… which really helped… I have a small paycheck… and little cash these days.  I hate getting charged tips… I get taxed on said tips… SERIOUSLY?! WTF?! I hate the fact that I get paid such a crap wage and then… I get literally half my tips swiped away from me… it sucks! And truthfully, it’s not fair…. but… then again… living in the land of the free often times isn’t so fair these days.

Towards the end of my shift… I was getting pretty dang tired and had a few moments to just breath.  I had one last client… she had stopped by earlier, only wanted me, but, I was backed up, she said she’d come back, I reminded her I was done at 6 today and I wasn’t staying any later today.  She showed up at 5:45…. happily she was my last client for the day and my week.

While working with her, a man walked by with a walking stick, he was sight impaired.  He seemed a bit confused… but, he was working something out in his head.  Finally he walked towards the KIOSK and asked where Starbucks was… meaning how to get there from the KIOSK.  Okay… so I said I was confident with my threading… my work… but… dang it if I couldn’t figure out a simple way to tell this man how to get to Starbucks… SO… I did what my fixer side does… I told my client to please be patient, I asked the man how much he could see, he said “only light” so… I gave him my elbow and we took off to Starbucks… which is about 50 yard (give or take) from our KIOSK.  He was telling me he was getting tired, frustrated and got “lost”, he though having a coffee would wake him up.  LOL… I got him to his destination… and let me tell you… my entire day was trumped by that one simple act of kindness I did… I felt amazing… I felt lighter, happier then I have in more then 2 weeks…. He will never know just how much helping him made me feel…

It’s funny… we never realize what one small act of kindness can do to our souls… our inner spirits… regardless if he remembers me helping him… I will remember him “helping me”.  I needed that today.  It ended my work day so well.  I was able to walk out to my truck, in the cooling sunshiny day and smile… not because everything is perfect in my life… LOL… far from it… it just helped.  I needed to feel that peaceful feeling… I have missed it.  I don’t find much peace these days… probably and mostly by choice, I choose to be where I am… I have been given a gift today… something I needed.  I was reminded of the small choices we make… and what they can do and make for someone else…. and what they, in the end, do for us, which honestly, for me, is much bigger then anything I did for him was…

My drive home was more relaxed… even when the jerk tried to cut me off… the idiot tried to pass me on the wrong side and then was cut off by someone else… it seemed Karma may have given me a slightly ‘lighter load’ — perhaps just for the evening… but… for now… I’ll take it… just a small victory and a lovely feeling.

Just one thing that would and could make things perfect… I believe in my heart anything is possible.  Do you?

Have a wonderful weekend my friends! Cheers to you all!

Red Lipstick….???


April 10, 2012 (well just barely… by the time I finish this post it’ll most likely be April 11 after midnight… )

So… I have something coming up that calls for red lipstick… and to tell you the truth… it’s been ages since these lips (pointing to mine) have been touched by red lipstick.  I recall… if I put it on just right… it looks pretty damn good… but if I put the wrong shade and do it wrong… well… it’s just looks like I am a… well never mind!

I have been fearing Red Lipstick… how silly does that sound?!  But… it’s the truth!  I fear the red staining… the smearing… the fact that I might just muck it up and then it’s a pain in the arse to remove and start over… or at least that’s what I remember the very last time I tried wearing red lipstick.

You see… I don’t wear that much lipstick.  I do wear things to condition my lips… Carmex when I need something to sooth chapped lips, I LOVE my Hempz lip balm… some of the best stuff… In my opinion that is… good Ol’Chapstick is a great stand alone… I like things that are easy… and not messy.  Guess that’s the “Tomboy” in me still showing through?!

So I have been perusing he make-up isles and have found myself getting even more lost then I was before… who knew there was that many zillions of red lipsticks?! Seriously?! how many shades can there possibly be???  I mean RED is RED… what am I missing? I know that there is some that have more ‘orange’ tinting and some that have more brown tinting and some that cross into the pink colors and so on… but… come on… do we need a gazillion red lipsticks to get lost in ladies?!

So… now I am stuck! I need advise… I need to figure out what kind of lipstick will work for me… my color and skin that is.  I HATE orange tinted reds… UGH… it just makes me washed out… sickly!  This I do recall well!  The brown… I just feel… and I know I will insult someone… but I feel OLD.  Brown lipstick always makes me think of my grandma… just old.  Sorry… I know there is some beautiful shades of browns… but this old chick ain’t going anywhere near brown/red lipstick! Don’t try to tell or sell me on the reasons why… I already know Brown, khaki colors, dark jewel tones are suppose to be my ‘colors’ according to the color chart… when I went through Esthetics training… this was something we were all shown… of course lucky me… I got pegged I will quote one student… “Puke green color” Great… Jamie can ROCK the puke colors… that could have came in handy when my daughter was an infant… maybe I could have played those shades off better huh?? before you say it… I know.. I know… EWWWWE!

I digress.

So… I am thinking a deep blood red… or perhaps a pink-red.  But… I tend to fall into my norm… going towards the pinks and purple hues of the reds.  I think I might be brave… perhaps it’s time to step out of my comfort zone and go for the deep blood red… bright mate/gloss/shine??? that I am not so clear on… my lipstick and the red color will go along with a noir  theme… picture it: very old, black and white… late 1940’s early 1950’s maybe an early Marilyn Monroe-ish version of the lip color… although… I have a different shape… more… “Betty Boop-ish” shape… this is what worries me most… do I enhance the points… or play them down?

I know… such a strange post… but… alas this is what’s been hanging on inside this big head of mine… don’tcha just wonder what else is kicking around up there now??? You know you’re curious!!!

So… I have the next two days off… I am going to be searching out some decent shades… buuuuuut if you… yes you the person reading this ridiculous post!  If YOU have suggestions… I would love to hear them!  please… lay it on me! Advice advice advice… would love to hear anything you have to suggest… Red Lipstick is definitely out of my comfort zone… and the fact that I rarely wear lipstick in general… well… it’s something I could use!!

OH! Please keep in mind… I am budget conscience and therefore cannot and will not spend a LOT of money on said lipstick… so… with that being said…

What colors are your favorites?  Any suggestions on putting on or taking off? Any techniques you like?

so… if you have read this… i appreciate your time and hopefully you have some humor and can understand this little delima… of sorts.