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The Warmest Wishes from ME to you…

Wishing everyone the happiest of Christmases and New Year yet!

My idea of creating this blog was started by a very dear person in my life.  He helped me see my strengths and pushed me to see the confidence within myself to believe I could be and do what needed done to accomplish my goals I had for myself.  🙂 I am forever grateful for this man and his words of encouragement and selfless attitude he always showed me, even when at times I certainly didn’t deserve it.  I have learned a grate deal about myself, the encouragements and acts of kindness and love I was showed helped me along my path.  I am forever grateful, and amazed I met this man and he saw things within me that I wasn’t, for so many years able to recognize and believe.  I now sit typing this knowing a lot more about ME, my skills, my abilities and what I can do within my profession.  I started this year fearful and scared and full of anxieties for what could come.  Instead of seeing things with a child-like perspective… which is something I think we all are missing from our lives.  We need to see things as we once did as a child.  Open our eyes to everything around us, appreciate what is literally in front of us right now… because within a blink of an eye it can be gone.

So many lessons and so many trials I can say I have learned through this year.  I know this year has a lot of low, and down right sad moments, yet, I am encouraged by my attitude, my confidence and my self esteem that is still new to me… I am happy to say I am able to love myself, love my profession and know who I am as a woman.

I go into 2013 with my head up, proud of my accomplishments… this blog being one of them!  I started this blog on the very last day of February of this year…. I have just recently gotten 11,000+ views and with the new statistics I know that many are staying and utilizing my blog and I cannot even begin to find words to how that makes me feel.  I am ecstatic beyond measure and I am excited to see what next year will bring my “little blog that could” (I liken it to the Little Engine that Could…LOL) I recently suffered from some writers block… and finally found something to write about and manage to finish… posting two in the same day! I felt pleased with myself… just a little. 🙂

I started this blog with the mindset that I wanted to help gather details about skin care, hair removal processes and other Esthetic related things within the beauty world/industry but also allow it to adapt and change or make it what it needs to be.  I see how it’s being used and I am thrilled… beyond!  I am always hopeful that one day I will get more feedback… I LOVE hearing what you… my readers think!  If you would like more details or information about something I don’t have or if my facts don’t seem or appear right… I am very open to a challenge even.  I want it to be right.  I want it to be a tool for both professionals and the average person that is curious about a skincare/spa treatment and it appears it’s being used in just that manner!

Thank you for coming along on this adventure with me!  I truly hope you and your loved ones have the most amazing Christmas or Holiday celebration!!  AND May your New Year bring you happiness, great health, prosperity and back to my blog! 🙂

Thanks Again! – Jamie

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