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Eliminate puffy eyes and droopy bags forever!

Eliminate puffy eyes and droopy bags forever!.

This is something I have been seriously been dealing with of late… thanks for the great tips and advise… I will be trying some soon!!!

I hope this comes in handy for anyone else that needs some tips for those unwanted puffy eyes and droopy bags…



Yes… I know, it’s been a while, My Bad!

Dribble-Drabble for April 2, 2012

Hello All!  Remember me?

Sorry… I have been M.I.A. for a little bit…. I actually don’t have a great excuse, well one that I think would float well… I have been working a LOT, but, I do know I could have probably found a little bit of time to write ‘something’ so… again, my bad for not doing anything.

I could say I got tied up with my daughters birthday, then working more hours then I was accustomed to, got side tracked with getting Girl Scout cookie sales finished and over with (yes, Dad, I still have your 10 boxes and I still know how to use the post office and I even remember your address… but I somehow have managed to procrastinate entirely TOO long—sorry), or I just got lazy… that’s probably more to the point! ¬†My past few weeks have been a bit of an emotional roller coaster at times for me…

Why? well… those that know me well enough to know my emotional roller coaster… there’s just one thing that makes me a bit off kilter these days… but in the same sense it’s also one of the highlights of my day… the thing that brings light, happiness, a smile and deep satisfaction in the knowledge that I have someone so incredibly devoted to me… and that’s also the hard part… you see we are currently separated by 10,000 miles (give or take a few 100 either way for good measure of course).

I have found myself to be a social ‘butterfly’ if you will… with age, of course, I have learned I can be a loner… but not for extreme periods of time however. ¬†I need people to feel. ¬†I like to be around human beings. ¬†I like to interact and when I lack this ability I find I struggle emotionally. ¬†I know I can go out and spend time with strangers or family or the few friends that I trust… but… in the back of my mind and deep down, I know there is something missing.

Spring Break starts this week for my daughter… she’s with me this week and I am looking forward to having some much needed time off with her… I managed to get a decent amount of time off and I might even be able to catch up on some posts I have been considering…

In the mean time… I have been daydreaming about things, life, future, winning Mega Millions!!! LOL!!! I imagined some pretty amazing things I could/would have been spending some of that¬†unfathomable obscene amount of cash on…

I had spent a lot of that money on a dream spa!!! I would have created an amazing spa with some of the most impressive new machines on the market, hired some of the best and most talented Esthetcians I know and create a “Coop” type of work environment… so eventually everyone would have been able to invest into a portion of said spa and they would be controlling partners… and be able to make more money as they increased their ownership. ¬†I have heard of this working before and it sounds and sounded pretty interesting to me.

Just think… if you had millions upon millions at your disposal, what would you spend on making the most amazing, spectacular spa around?? ¬†I would also make certain that the spa was able to provide some affordable menu items… so even the average American could enjoy a little indulgence occasionally! ¬†That’s the one thing that makes it so incredibly impossible for the regular person to even be able to enjoy a facial or other treatment for beauty… the cost!!! ¬†I am the first to understand you have to be able to make enough for cost and using said machines… but… come on!? Who here thinks that it should literally cost as much as some of these fancy spas charge? ¬†I realize there are special extremely costly products for some kinds of procedures, but, if you think about it and break down the cost associated with each person and the amount of actual product used on each person… most of these spas are making a huge profit!!

I have always believed anyone should be able to afford at least a little something extra IF they wanted to pamper themselves. ¬†There are so many that would benefit from just a small amount of TLC given to themselves….

So often we are doing so much for so many people that we forget to do something for ourselves, or we feel guilty for indulging in something costly for US.  Why is that?!

Any ways… I suppose since I didn’t win the big jackpot… I will be dreaming about winning and hoping I manage to do all the things I want to do on my “wish list”.

Do you have a Wish List or  Bucket List? Something that you either keep physically or mentally a list of things you want to accomplish, see, experience, or do before you leave this life?

I have one… it seems to grow and change a bit over my life… but… a few things have remained:

  • visit Europe – I am a huge History Geek… I want to touch and experience history in front of me!
  • swim in the south Pacific…¬†preferably near Fiji
  • parachute
  • visit Japan
  • See a Broadway show in NYC
  • Drive a Vespa ¬†while visiting Italy
  • own a Harley Davidson
  • get more tattoos
  • ride in a hot air balloon
  • snorkel off the great barrier reef
  • road trip all over New England States…

it’s nearly 1:30 a.m. way too late or too early for my behind to be even up… let alone attempting some form of a post… this was complete nonsense and my ramblings… ¬†more of less it was just me letting you know I am still alive, kicking and breathing…

So if you read to this far… thank you for taking time and reading my utter useless ramblings… please be patient with me… I do have some good ideas coming… since Spring is suppose to be here (although outside feels more like Fall or winter) and I know that means sunshine… and I figured I might try to conquer the post about sunscreen -vs- sunblocks ¬†or maybe something about products for the skin? ¬†perhaps make-up tips… since I have a photo shoot I am planning to do soon and I need to brush up on my skills on red lipstick… which can be harsh if done improperly.

So like I said… I am alive… please be patient and thank you for reading my ramblings… I hope you at least enjoyed it or got a good laugh… perhaps a chuckle or eye roll??? NO? :-/