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Quantum – The End

Something Esthetically pleasing to ones eye… 🙂

Beautiful photographs that are full of emotion, heart, creativity and are just simple amazing to look at.

These are photographs that need displaying on a beautiful wall in someone’s amazing home… these are truly works of art.

If you have the time… please take it and check this photographers blog out… you won’t be sorry… the creativity he displays is inspiring.

Enjoy! 🙂

Quantum – The End.


Expressed Emotions…

Amazing art. Tattoo and photograph.

**For the “EYE” Esthetically and Tattoo’s are also pertaining to skin**
Hope you like! 🙂


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Located in Romania… beautiful and creative jewelry art!

Translation Above Photo:

Hey guys,

how about a little Parisian air? :)


Translation Below Photo:

Cercelusilor length is 4.2 cm (without handles).

Price: 14.99 RON


**If you click on to check her page out, if you’re using Google Chrome you will get an option to translate to your specific language needed**

Handmade By Lory

Hey guys,

ce spuneti de putin aer parizian? 🙂


Turnuletele sunt din argint tibetan, margelele (cuburi si tuburi) sunt din hematit, iar accesoriile metalice sunt placate cu argint.

Lungimea cercelusilor este de 4.2 cm (fara tortite).


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