The places I practice what I love to do!!

I am currently working two jobs using my license as an Esthetician…

I am now practicing my Threading & other amazing skincare services at:

On the Fringe Hair & Day Spa
316 SE 123rd Ave. Suite #D-3
Vancouver, WA  

I am taking both walk-in and Appointments! 

Also offering: 
Facials, Chemical Peels, Back Treatments, Brow & Lash Tinting and full line of waxing services!

Yes that’s right folks!!! You NO longer have to sit in the middle of the mall being watched by all that pass below and above to see you being threaded!!! You can come see me at the above locations and I can assist you with all your hair removal needs!!

The prices are similar to those in the Mall and you can make an appointment and have the privacy of being inside a salon and within my room I practice my Esthetics in.
I look forward to assisting you and seeing you soon!

We have ample parking and it’s very easy to find. Just take the Mill Plain exit off 205, heading east (towards 164th) just past the 2nd Starbucks that’s located on the right (if heading east) there’s a large Plaza, with several restaurants and businesses, we’re located within this Plaza!!


What I try to make my clients see and understand is that this is my profession, this is what I love and what I enjoy doing.  I find happiness in this… and I know this art and technique I offer is unique, and it’s a product.  I DO NOT wish for MY product to be on your face as a mistake! I want you walking around with beautiful brows and a well threaded facial feature that I helped produce.  So please give me the time and allow me to give you the enhancement you deserve!

Visuals Examples of what Threading can accomplish…

SEE BELOW, I have also included a couple YouTube videos to help show you examples of Threading in “action”.

These are great visual examples of some of my work I am currently doing at one of my jobs…

I love the gratification of changing someones eyebrows, with a simple thread, and watching them sit down a bit fearful of what might happen and then the pleasure of their happiness from a job well done..

The Instant gratification is amazing to see in my clients and showing them what we can accomplish.

Whenever you are sitting in the chair for a service with me (or anyone) you should expect a short basic consultation to make sure what we are going to do, and if there is anyplace we should be avoiding, anything you are trying to allow a grow-out to occur, anything you are afraid or concerned of.

If I begin the procedure and see something that I question, I will always grab the mirror and ask you about the issue, I want you comforted in my abilities and know I am on the same page as you are with shaping your eyebrows and in the end making you pleased with walking away with my art and “product” on your face.


The First video is a Man getting his brows shaped, and yes, I do both women and men’s brows.  This appears to be a salon in Omaha, NE; so the phone number you see flash on that screen is from that place. 🙂

I REALLY like this Estheticians advice along with the quick detailed video that accompanies her narration of the technique and details that are good to know.

This one is another good one, showing a client getting her upper lip Threaded.  Keep in mind, you can have almost all body hair removed with the Threading technique, however, I also want you to be advised the cost for having things beyond your facial and neck hair may be very costly and a lot more time consuming.

In the beginning… History of Threading:

I have searched and found that most say that Threading originated from Egypt; India and Persian Cultures. The Arab name for Threading is “Khite”; in Egypt it is also called “Fatlah”

Threading the entire face is widely practiced among Iranians, but was originally only done when a woman was getting married or for a special occasion.  In ancient Persia, threading was a sign that a girl had reached adulthood and became a woman.

I have found posts that indicate that most trails end in the technique originating in Turkey… but it’s safe to say that the Middle East is where this ancient art of temporary hair removal most likely originated and it slowly grew in popularity and spread withing the Middle Eastern communities, eventually landing in India and then onto the Asian countries… eventually landing in America much later.

I came across one web page that made a great point, that most likely this wasn’t “invented” to initially remove hair… it probably was some poor slave sewing something, a piece of their hair got caught within a twist on the thread and then it expanded and grew into the technique that is used world wide today.

Some suggest that it could have even been dating back to Cleopatra, however, the history of cotton being grown, spun and woven into clothes dates back as early as 3,000 BC.  Cleopatra was born 69 BC.  But who knows! She had one amazing beauty regime when you think about it… she did have milk baths that gave her the amazing complexion she did have, her bottom eyelids and eyebrow were painted with black sulphide of antimony (mestem).  So, who knows…