Having a Hard Time Matching Foundation?

Having a Hard Time Matching Foundation?.

Great advise on matching foundation… came across this blog… great information provided. ūüôā


Inexpensive Day Spa alternative

If you are like me… on a budget and have to be careful where your cash is going currently, BUT, you still want to experience the “spa life” and get some much needed treatments you feel like you are missing out on…

You might want to give a local Esthetics School a chance! ¬†Many are typically nearly half the cost of what you would normally pay out of pocket and typically you will find that most schools and training establishments are safe, and even though you have a student working on you, if it’s a situation that has something that is a bit more “challenging” for the students, there is always an instructor on hand and at least for the school I was trained at, I wasn’t allowed to treat anyone on chemical peels or a microderm until I had several hundred hours under the¬†proverbial¬†‘belt’ and even then when I was applying said peel or operating the microderm machine my instructor was on hand or very near to make sure I was properly doing the treatments.

This might also be a great way to experience a service you’re just not so sure about, at a much cheaper cost to you. ¬†The treatments might take a little bit longer, but, your pocket book/budget will certainly be happier for it!

Things to remember:

You are in a training establishment, more often times you will have to accept you are in the middle of someone’s training, therefore there could be instances when you might have to have some patience with your “in training Esthetcian”. ¬†You may not want to go when you have time contraints, you will want to definitely give yourself time, just in case.

Maybe not wear your favorite most expensive sweater to get your wax treatment or even a facial. ¬†When you are being treated by someone in training, it might be potentially hazardous to your wardrobe… however, most of the time it can be removed when it goes through the wash. ¬†Make sure they wrap your head even to wax; just because they are confident in their abilities doesn’t mean they aren’t still very green! They might do a great job waxing said hairs on your brows or lip, however, getting wax to and from the pots might be dangerous to your hair for example. ¬†There are plenty of oils and wax removers that can be applied… but, you can definitely prevent this all together by making sure your hair is covered.

If you’re brand new to the facility and want a more intense Microderm or Chemical Peel… you may as well not waste your trip. ¬†This is afterall a training facility. ¬†Meaning that for the most part if you’re new, they will treat you as such, just as if you were new to a Spa and wanted said treatment there. ¬†When you are being trained there are a few steps to ensure the safety of your skin and getting into that habit early on is expected. ¬†So if you are familiar with the treatments and even IF your skin is “good to go” don’t fight with the students or instructors. ¬†Please understand they need to learn the “right way” always. ¬†However, if you keep coming back, you will be able to have more intense procedures due to them having details regarding your skins behavior on record.

And always realize you ARE at a school. ¬†Therefore, you might not have the “best” of everything… but, for the most part you will get a great overall experience and if you’ve never had something done before it’s a great place to start to see if you will be willing to try it out in the “real world”.

I live in the Vancouver, Washington/Portland, Oregon metro area, there are a few local schools:

Manning Academy of Cosmetology, Inc.
8078 E. Mill Plain Blvd.
Vancouver, Washington 98664

Paul Mitchel School of Beauty
8230 NE Siskiyou St.
Portland, Oregon 97220
Aesthetics Institute
2245 NE Powell Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97202


**I am sure I could have missed someone’s school in my area, if you would like me to add one, or one in your area, let me know… I will do my best to¬†accommodate your requests!**¬†

What was that?

This is just a quick post to ask you… since you are taking time out of your day to read and¬†pursue my blog (thank you VERY much for that by the way) I want to ask you…

What would you like to know about?

Is what I am providing so far useful? or is it too dry?

I want this blog to not only give me a constructive outlet to show off my abilities, but also inform, give feedback to myself and the world on products, procedures, and give people YOU the working knowledge to be able to go out there and seek the “right” procedure that will make you happiest and give you the gratification you are looking for… with regards to your skin care needs and care.

I will never stop learning and I want you my readers to tell me what you want to learn about, what you have questions about, is there things you wouldn’t ask someone face to face (maybe a bit embarrassing in nature) but it’s something you still have a nagging curiosity about? please feel free to ask me!!!

I am not only a Licensed Esthetician, I am also a certified Medical Assistant, a mother to a nearly 9 year old child, I have a highly inquisitive mind myself and if I want to know something… I’m typically one of those people that will either ask or find the truth/answers for myself. ¬†I am not afraid of delving into the unknown to find details and I will be happy to try and attempt to same for you.

DO not be afraid to ask… the only bad question in my opinion is the one not said.

Someday I want my little blog to “grow up” and I have happy thoughts about it not only giving people a view into what I love and what I do every single day… but I also want it to provide you with the information for what you need answered… find a place in your area, wherever that area might be, possibly give reviews for locations in your area, or IF you like someone in your local area… please let me know and post it in the section for that. ¬†I want this to grow and help you… regardless of what that help may consist of.

I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I am enjoying creating it… and I hope to hear from you! Good or Bad comments are always learned and I do try to improve by even the worse critiques.




Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ~ Confucious